Office Dress Code Do’s and Don’ts

Help Your Staff Dress for Success

Office-appropriate fashion seems fairly obvious. So why do so many employees still make eyebrow-raising mistakes, especially during summer? The problem could be your company’s dress code policy, or lack of one.

If you still don’t have a policy, you’re not alone: Plenty of companies — especially those operating in small, casual, or creative environments — are content to work without a formal dress code. That is, until the receptionist waltzes in one sweltering day in shorts, a tank top, and gladiator sandals.

To free your workplace from such unintended drama, consider drafting a detailed legal dress code policy. But even the best written policy can sometimes be vague or ambiguous. That’s why we created this unique slideshow: to point out some common dress code don’ts, and offer simple fixes.

–Charlotte Jensen