Advice To Salespeople: Quit Weak Brands

Door to door salesman

Life is too short to sell a weak brand. They hinder your earning and career potential. Choose to work for companies that have strong brands—companies that stand out, attract customers, and have a strong presence in the market.

3 Millennial Misconceptions About Sales

millennial employees

A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that Millennial workers are shunning sales as a career. They are missing a great opportunity because of their misconceptions about sales.

3 Strategies for Women to Sell to Men

A handshake

Women who primarily sell to men need to have their selling strategies ready so they can be effective. Sales expert Maura Schreier-Fleming shares her rules for success.

Why Lead Generation Is Like NFL Football


Even if you never play in the Super Bowl or do our jobs on national TV in front of thousands of cheering fans, salespeople can learn a few important lessons about lead generation.