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fireworks Declare Your Independence From the Office!
Make July the month you celebrate both our nation’s Declaration of Independence and your own declaration of independence from the office.
using a smart phone How to Manage Your Life From Your Smartphone
Thanks to technology, it’s possible to take care of almost anything, no matter where you are, from the palm of your hand.
https protected web page Is Your Website Domain Privacy at Risk?
A new proposal could put your website domain privacy — and your personal privacy — at risk. Speak out by July 7, 2015, to help protect your privacy.
little girl painting wall pink Does Your Business Need a Makeover?
Many businesses reach a point where the original business model is not working. But instead of surrendering and failing, they do something great: they "pivot" and adjust their offerings to deliver what their customers really want.
profit design Do You Know How Profitable Your Business Really Is?
Profitability is the universal scorecard for the periodic success of any business. It is the answer to “How much money did we make this month/year?” However, what is often overlooked are the components of that profitability.
good news bad news sign posts No Wool Here: Tips for Communicating Bad News
People often recommend hiding bad news between other news, sharing it when people are less likely to pay attention. I recommend the opposite: be completely open with bad news.
Money-concept 10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Small Business Loan
No matter the current economic climate, it can be a challenge to get a small business loan — whether to launch a new startup, or inject cash into a growing enterprise. However, there are ways to improve the chances of getting funding.
Branding Concept The Essential Components of a Branded Environment
Whatever your business stands for — quality, innovation, spectacular service — that is your brand. And all areas of your operation must work in harmony to deliver a consistent branding message to every customer and prospect.
price reduction concept What Can You Do When a Customer Asks You to Lower Your Price?
What can you do when a large customer asks you to lower your price? Think it won’t happen to you? Here are some options to address this issue if you have to.
obstacle run The Most Challenging Obstacles of Content Marketing
It’s hard to read a marketing blog and not see numerous remarks about the power of using content to drive sales. Content marketing isn’t just a buzzword. It’s arguably the hottest way for companies to reach and sway buyers.
Business travel How to Entertain Clients When You’re Traveling on a Business Trip
Traveling for business presents particular challenges when you're hosting clients. Here are a few valuable tips on how to plan and deal with surprises.
Financial report 10 Financial Tools Your Small Business Can’t Live Without
To streamline your financial management process so you can get back to your real job, check out these 10 financial tools for your small business.
Successful investment Are Coins a Good Investment?
While most of the coins we find on the ground aren't particularly valuable, there are some coins that could be considered great investments. If you are interested in investing in coins, here's what to look for.
Bucket List Charm And Letters Why Your Company “Bucket List” Won’t Cut It
Big initiatives of "bucket list" items are great, but without outlining the work needed to achieve your goals, they fail. Here are three ways to execute any goal your company sets.
play-icon Harness the Power of YouTube to Capture and Connect With Customers
YouTube offers an incredible marketing opportunity, as well as an online customer service channel. With it you can bring in new customers, build brand loyalty, and answer questions before they’re asked -- all in the name of customer service.
The I Do Kiss Marriage and Finances: What You Should Know Before You Say “I Do”
When you say “I do,” you are also saying “I do” to sharing financial responsibility. Take the time before your wedding to discuss your current financial status and your financial goals for the future.
Couple reviewing their accounts with a digital tablet 10 Tips for Developing a Household Budget
A household budget is an effective way to keep track of your finances, avoid debt and overspending, and help you save money. The following are tips to develop your household budget.
Senior Couple Concerned About Debt Going Through Bills Together Top 10 Money Mistakes That Retirees Make
Retirees need to be smart consumers if they are going to make retirement the best possible time of their lives. Avoiding these 10 mistakes can help.
A card reading Life insurance Top 5 Life Insurance Mistakes
Some common misconceptions and mistakes when purchasing life insurance can lead to being underinsured, having the wrong coverage, and experiencing a decline in living standards. Here are the top five life insurance mistakes to avoid.
Guests Throwing Confetti Over Bride And Groom How to Have a Wedding on a Budget
Even simple weddings can be too costly for some couples and their families. Here are some ideas for throwing a wedding on a tight budget.