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thumbs down and word Words That Don’t Sell
In: Sales
Words are powerful. It's important that salespeople understand the power of words when they sell, since words are the tools of their trade.
deep in thought Is Your Side Business Legit?
There are plenty of opportunities to bring in some extra income in today’s digital economy. But when does an extracurricular hobby turn into a business with legal and tax responsibilities?
people joining hands The Art of Motivation: How to Motivate Your Team Without Money
Many managers motivate their employees with cash bonuses, and while this may work for a while, over time it will handicap production, cut into company profits, and become expected. Here are three alternatives.
business success 3 Simple Ways to Get Better Results From Your Sales Leads
In: Sales
We present a few tips for your business to help you manage your sales leads and get better results from the leads you’ve got.
Businessman show his idea 6 Steps for Using Social Media to Promote Your Invention Idea
In this age of technology and social media, you should have social media profiles to promote your invention idea. Check out these helpful social media tips.
Sail boat 10 Steps to Successfully Expand Your Business Overseas
As with any journey abroad, in order to successfully expand your business overseas, it is important to chart your course before setting sail. Michael Evans outlines 10 key steps to consider carefully.
Productivity increasing Teaching Strategies to Improve Employee Productivity
Assisted performance defines what a learner can do with help from a more experienced peer. It is an important concept to understand for staff development.
reject red grunge seal isolated on white 10 Tips to Avoid Having Your App Rejected by the Apple App Store
While there are many reasons the Apple App Store might reject your app, these are the top 10.
Interior of a modern store Lighting Up Your Store: A Guide To Retail Store Lighting
In: Retail
This guide will explain the key concepts for store lighting design. Many retailers start with the last part of lighting (ambient) first, which is a mistake!
trade show sign 5 Tips for Getting More Out of Your Next Trade Show
Sure, the main reason you attend a trade show is to make purchases, but trade shows can offer so much more. Beyond buying, here are five smart things to make time for at the next event.
Businesswoman in deep thought Understanding Fidelity Bonds and How They Can Protect Your Business
While fidelity bonds aren't usually required by law, they can insure businesses from harms caused by the wrongful actions of employees, offer legitimacy to businesses, and help build trust.
Email marketing key Email Marketing Tips: How To Stay Out of the Spam Box
If your emails suffer from poor deliverability, then regardless of how good your marketing campaigns are, all your efforts are futile. Here's how to improve your email deliverability.
happy businessman Small Business Outlook: Happy Days Are Here Again
What's the small business outlook for 2015? According to a new survey from RocketLawyer, everything's coming up roses for entrepreneurs this year.
Business man with graph and dollar signs Invest: Put Your Money to Work for You
Smart business owners know they need to let their money do some of the work of building a solid financial future. Make sure you are taking some of your business income and investing it wisely.
businessman hurdling Overcoming Small Business Challenges
What are the chief challenges entrepreneurs face when just starting out? There are many, but three in particular can sink your fledgling small business if you're not careful.
tax clocking nearing midnight 10 Strategies to Make Tax Season Less Stressful
In: Taxes
If you are exhausted and stressed out every year from filing your taxes at the last minute, we offer practical strategies to implement now so that next year's tax season is smooth sailing.
gold fish Blog Posts Are So 2014 – 11 Cutting Edge Alternatives
Go beyond the blog! Keep ahead of your competition by trying one of these 11 new technologies and content marketing strategies to help you connect with hordes of new potential customers.
Door to door salesman Advice To Salespeople: Quit Weak Brands
In: Sales
Life is too short to sell a weak brand. They hinder your earning and career potential. Choose to work for companies that have strong brands—companies that stand out, attract customers, and have a strong presence in the market.
Ball and pool player 5 Tips That Will Put ‘Reverse English’ on Your Cash Flow
What does a pool hall shooting technique have to do with your small business? Your business isn’t getting first-class cash flow if you fail to put the right spin on the ball.
Stressed Man At Desk 5 Mistakes That People With Emotional Intelligence Never Make
When we’re emotionally intelligent, we have mastered our emotions—and that's no easy task. Avoid these mistakes to keep your personal brand strong.