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smiling businesswoman holding a degree
Some experts say the high cost of college is forcing would-be young entrepreneurs to make a tough decision: Start a business or go to college -- but not both.
reading a document
Filed In: Operations
Business operating systems, documented in writing, are a tangible asset for any company. We present three key reasons why this should be documented.
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
Wearables haven't had an easy road to adoption. The tech industry has a gender bias which conflicts with studies showing women are first adopters of new technology.
Filed In: Staffing & HR
The art of communication involves knowing not only how to verbalize ideas, but also how to listen, empathize, encourage, or influence. We present seven ways to improve your communication skills.
Filed In: Your Career and Staffing & HR
There is still something special about an in-person connection. If you really want to build profitable and rewarding relationships, a conference is the place to go.
If you love what you do, you will create a successful business, right? Unfortunately, having passion isn't always enough. Follow these best tips and give your new business a smart start.
businessman surprised
Filed In: Technology
Technology can increase productivity, but you must monitor what's working and what's not. Duct Tape Marketing's John Jantsch shares his favorite web tools.
f you're looking to improve an aspect of your life this year, it's critical that you set yourself up for success. Learn how to set goals and succeed.
An eye
Sticky Brands are visual brands. Customers can see the difference. The brand is visibly different and visibly better. Stand out by engaging your customers' eyes and demonstrating what makes your brand unique.
American Football Teams
Filed In: Sales and Sales & Marketing
Even if you never play in the Super Bowl in front of thousands of cheering fans, salespeople can learn a few important lessons about lead generation from the NFL.
Holding a cat
If you don't have home-based business insurance, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. Learn what type of insurance a home-based business needs.
successful businesswoman
Do female workers in the United States today still face the level of discrimination they once did in the workplace? Maura Schreier-Fleming shares her opinion on the issue.
business risk
Opportunity, like time, is perishable. Missing an opportunity to move your business forward because you want to avoid risk could mean you lose out on opportunities instead.
Speaking with a megaphone
Customer advocates not only make more purchases, but they also generate word-of-mouth advertising. Learn how to promote customer advocacy and improve your business's bottom line.
Filed In: Sales & Marketing
If you listened to all the naysayers, you'd think that the brick-and-mortar retail store is a dinosaur on its last legs. Learn how these stores are positioning themselves for long-term growth.
Technology Tunnel
While no one has a crystal ball and can really predict the future, there are five communications trends that experience tells us will come true in 2015.
Filed In: Your Career and Staffing & HR
Waiting until you need a job is the worst time to look for one. Here are three reasons you should be looking for a new job even if you're happy where you are.
Leslie Bocskor head-shot
As attitudes toward medicinal marijuana shift and laws legalizing its use are enacted, Electrum Partners is riding the green wave of this emerging industry.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
If you're an entrepreneur, you've likely made a New Year's resolution to grow your business. But how can you ensure that you stick with this plan beyond the first few weeks of January?
For businesses, the most important part of customer support is showing up and being "human." If you want to get positive feedback from your customers, consider these three tricks.
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