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sitting at dinner table Increase Your Web Design Profits With ‘Buffet Style’ Pricing
If you are a web designer or own a creative agency, learn how to increase your profits by implementing a 'buffet style' pricing structure for your services.
Surviving business jungle How to Survive Your First Year as a New Business Owner
Nellie Akalp has worked with thousands of new businesses and started several herself. Here she shares things she has learned to help set up a new business for success.
Online advertising written in search bar 13 Best Strategies for Online Advertising
Moving into the online advertising space can be great for your company, but you shouldn't be going in blind. Here 13 entrepreneurs share their best advice on where to start.
an elevator up button. 5 Tips For Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch
Want to craft a winning elevator pitch? Deirdre Bolton of Fox Business News shares what she's learned after listening to hundreds of entrepreneurs' pitches.
small business concept 4 Fast-Growing, Publicly Traded Companies That Focus on Small Businesses
In many cases, companies that go public are focused on big businesses -- but this is not always the case. Here we will look at four public companies that are posting impressive gains and still focus on small and medium-sized businesses.
Global network 6 International Networking Tips for Online Businesses
Networking is an essential part of any business, and for an online business, networking can be its lifeblood. Here are six international networking tips for an online business to thrive.
e-shop keyboard key. Finger 6 E-Commerce Mistakes That Impact Conversions
Most e-commerce store owners know that increasing conversions is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to grow revenue, yet many continue to make critical errors. Avoid these six common mistakes to maximize conversions.
Cash Flow, Profit & Loss documents with reports Cash Flow vs. Profit: If One Is Lacking, What Can You Do?
Cash is the lifeblood of any business, but whether cash flow or profit is more important depends on the financial and trading circumstances of your business.
fast business 5 Tips for Keeping Data Safe While Working on the Go
The information age has been a boon for companies and their mobile workers, but open and broad access to the Internet brings with it new threats. Here are five simple ways to minimize the risks and keep your data safe.
Signing of the contract vector illustration 4 Terms in Credit Card Processing Contracts You Should Never Agree To
Accepting credit cards is a necessity for most businesses. But standard contracts from credit card processors are often full of tricky fine print terms. Learn about four contract terms that should get removed before you sign.
collection of packaged food Tips to Creating a Winning Packaging Design for Your Product
While some may consider packaging design as a necessity, it’s really an opportunity to build brand equity. These are the key elements to creating an effective packaging design.
DigitasLBi-screenshot DigitasLBi NewFront Presents: The Daily Revelation Video Series
Sponsored - DigitasLBi interviewed some of the industry’s top creators, distributors, and thought leaders. The result is a video series of 'revelations' that candidly discusses some of the most pressing questions facing digital marketing today.
Slip down business 6 Big Legal Mistakes Often Committed by Startups
In: Legal
There’s a lot to think about when you’re launching a startup. While some of the details may seem insignificant, others should be addressed immediately. Avoid these common legal mistakes.
boss guiding his employee with her work Secrets to Improving Employee Engagement and Performance
What's key to maintaining positive and productive employee engagement? Keep an ear to the ground and listen to the messages being communicated by your staff.
Marketing - Arrows Hit in Red Mark Target. 9 Affordable Marketing Tips for New Businesses
From the outside, a successful marketing and advertising campaign certainly can look like it costs an arm and a leg. As a startup owner, however, you can be a marketing pro if you employ some simple money-saving tips.
men holding up vodka drinks Raise a Glass to Pure Water
Sponsored - For your help spreading the pure water message, Finlandia will donate a dollar to one of our pure water initiatives up to $10,000.
Businessman thinking about pros and cons The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Financials Early On
When you're just starting up, you want to save as much money as possible. But getting your financials in order can be a stressful ordeal. Here are the pros and cons of outsourcing your financials early in your startup.
business mistake 5 Stupid Sales Mistakes to Avoid
In: Sales
The last thing you want to do in sales is offend the customer you're trying to sell to. These sales mistakes are real mistakes made by real salespeople . . . and no, the salespeople did not end up making a sale.
World-Business-teamwork-puzzle-pieces 22 Mistakes Made by Sellers in M&A Transactions
Selling a company can be a very time-consuming, complicated process. Here’s a list of common mistakes private companies often make when attempting to sell themselves.
Pasta with cherry tomato and mushrooms Customer Experience Lessons From a Michelin-Starred French Restaurant
You don't have to be a Michelin-starred restaurant to deliver the best customer experience. Take notes from these tips.