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Hotel service bell
Are you up against bigger competitors? You may have the upper hand in one important area: customer service. Here are six ways you can play up your advantage.
When a company has a shared sense of purpose among workers and leadership, there is a unified understanding of why the organization exists -- and that's what matters.
credit card payment
Filed In: Finance
Credit cards are a convenient and safe form of payment that allows a small business to close a deal immediately. Here are four things to look for in a credit card processing service.
Facebook launches cross-device reporting for ads, which allows businesses to track sales activity across multiple devices all the way through to conversion.
Business call
Filed In: Sales and Sales & Marketing
No response from sales prospects is more indifferent than "We're happy with our current supplier." Here are 10 ways to turn these situations into hot leads.
Container Ship
There are lots of excellent resources available to help you prepare your export marketing plan. We present an overview of what this plan should include.
When starting out in business, we often feel we have to say yes to any opportunity. But to succeed, sometimes we need to say no!
inspirational book
There is a challenge going around on Facebook to name the 10 books that have profoundly affected your life. We get the ball rolling.
Filed In: Sales and Sales & Marketing
You might be missing the mark if your sales presentations aren't selling. Here's what to do instead.
Small business expert Denise O'Berry tells us we're wasting our time by trying to listen to the advice of every marketing expert out there. It's time to learn a better way.
The emergence of the cloud has brought about a number of new options in the accounting software world. Here's how Xero is separating itself from the pack.
A tight content creation schedule can zap the quality out of your content and negate the purpose of even producing it: connecting with your audience.
website success
What makes your small business website a winner or a loser? Check out three must-have factors for success -- and make sure your website isn't out of date.
Are you trying to be supermom but still feel guilty you can't do everything? Kelly Walsh shares tips on how working moms can conquer such negative feelings.
marketing plan concept
It's not enough to just have a marketing plan; you need an effective one. Dr. Richard Weinberger discusses market research and what to do next.
Financial Success Concept
Filed In: Finance
Does your small business have a disciplined finance process? Here are three finance rules that kept us afloat during the recession. Imagine what they can do in good times.
 magnified eye
Filed In: Staffing & HR
Nowadays, employers can use technology to track a remote employee's every keystroke. Should your business adopt remote monitoring?
ask us
Keeping customers happy is one of the most profitable strategies a business should follow, and it starts by hiring employees focused on customer service.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
When two companies that complement one another lack the funds to expand or to reach new markets, a strategic alliance may be a smart move.
business meeting
Filed In: Getting Started
When negotiating, making assumptions about the other party can ruin your advantage. Learn what to do instead.
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