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stressed businessman 3 Steps for Less Stress at Work
Are you stressed at work? Who isn’t? But your ability to manage work-related stress is critical to your productivity levels and overall physical and mental health.
watching television 11 TV Shows Every Entrepreneur Should Watch
Next time you’re about to drop from the exhaustion of your busy entrepreneurial life, enjoy some guilt-free down time with a few of these (at least somewhat) educational shows for entrepreneurs.
tax concept Prepare Your Small Business for Tax Time
In: Taxes
Whether you decide to outsource your tax tasks or perform them in house, arm yourself with the relevant knowledge to make sure your business complies as well as saves time and money. Here are a few resources to get you started.
Leaving-job 5 Ways to Ensure Your Employees Never Quit
It doesn’t matter how big or how small your organization is—employee retention is always a concern. Keep your best talent working for you with these tips.
Hand with a marker isolated over white How I Lost Respect for an Executive Because of a Red Pen
Unfortunately, there is still an emphasis on what is on the surface, not what is below. That is why I lost respect for one executive eager to make spelling and grammar corrections but not much else.
Man in a suit being interviewed Personalize Your Organization’s Media Relations Efforts
Media relations isn't easy because it's all about building relationships, which take time. When approached like you would dating, it's much more successful.
successful-businesswoman Your Leadership Title Doesn’t Mean You’re a Leader
Leadership is much more than just having a fancy title and saying the right things. Small business expert Denise O’Berry discusses the traits a true leader must possess to run a company effectively.
feather Social Media Giants Facebook and Twitter Facing Radical Evolution
For Facebook and Twitter, life is never dull. Alex Morris reviews a spate of interesting new features, business tie-ins, and unusual announcements from the two social media giants.
Waiting-for-interview Aptitude vs. Attitude: Which Is More Important in a New Hire?
‘‘Hire for attitude, train for skills’’ is the latest catchphrase, yet more businesses are facing a shortage of skilled entry-level workers. So what's more important in a new hire: aptitude or attitude?
analyzing chart Do You Ever Hate Being an Entrepreneur?
What do you love—and hate—about being an entrepreneur? Here are some ideas for how to get more enjoyment out of even your least-favorite tasks.
businessman strapped to rocket Create a Competitive Edge: Marketing Your Way to Success
To win you need an edge—a distinct advantage over your competition that pushes you into the lead and keeps you ahead of your opponent. Proactive marketing is the key.
Businessman drawing a graduation hat 5 Ways an MBA Can Prepare You for Entrepreneurship
From classroom experiences to networking opportunities, an MBA program will give you the confidence and stimulation you need to flourish as an entrepreneur.
Technology Security How to Protect Yourself Online
Data breaches seem to be in the news all the time. If you want to keep yourself as safe as possible online, here are some tips for protecting yourself.
millennial employees 3 Millennial Misconceptions About Sales
In: Sales
A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that Millennial workers are shunning sales as a career. They are missing a great opportunity because of their misconceptions about sales.
Sad businesswoman 11 Major Spending Mistakes Many Entrepreneurs Make
When first starting out, it can sometimes be hard to gauge which expenses are necessary and which are not. Make sure your small business isn't making any of these all-too-common spending missteps.
Steak on flaming grill 5 Brand Experience Lessons from a Brazilian Churrascaria
The brand experience that a customer has will make or break your business. Here we look at five lessons that Fogo de Chão teaches us about customer experience.
happy young people jumping 5 Great Places to Take Your Employees for Team Building
Here are five unique getaways that can boost company morale and give everyone on your team a fresh perspective.
proud female business owner New Legislation Grants More Opportunities for Women-Owned Small Businesses
In December, President Obama signed into law the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act, which included the expansion of the Sole Source program to women-owned small businesses (WOSBs) and economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses (EDWOSBs).
Business analysis concept Use Ratio Analysis to Evaluate the Financial Health of Your Small Business
Think ratio analysis is not for small business? Think again. Here are five easy-to-understand ratios to help analyze your business.
toy man standing on question marks Quora Offers the Best Answers to Your Most Crucial Startup Questions
If you're not already familiar with Quora, it is a vibrant question-and-answer website where a community of users can pose questions and answer those they have the knowledge and expertise to answer.