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man thinking about money Alternative Financing for Small Business Owners
Need money, but don't want (or can't get) a traditional business loan? Alternative financing for small business is easier than ever to find.
business-network The 90% Rule for Networking Success
When we make networking with others a “do-it-yourself endeavor,” we lose the exponential benefits of other people’s influence and other people’s credibility.
pleasant meal in a restaurant 5 Ways Restaurants Can Use Social Media to Rev Up Business
Modern technology undoubtedly allows consumer transactions with a restaurant to occur more frequently and fluidly. We look at some of the social media channels that can increase the ROI of any eating establishment.
Drive More Conversions Words Speedometer 5 Psychological Factors to Boost Your E-Commerce Site’s Page Conversions
Oftentimes when buyers are just a click away from making a purchase, psychological factors prevent them from hitting the "Buy Now" button. Try following these five psychological principles to up your conversions.
creativity concept How to Turn Your Passion Into a Profitable Business
Do you want to make money doing something you love? Here's how to turn your passion into a profitable business.
Heading-Upwards 5 Growth Tips to Get Your Business Headed in the Right Direction
Once a business is established and out of the starting blocks, a small business owner must prepare for growth—and success—by focusing on five basic principles.
Thank you for your feedback message How to Use Customer Feedback to Strengthen Your Business
Small business expert Denise O’Berry tells us why we should take customer feedback to heart and use it to improve our business rather than grumbling about it.
Recruitment Strategy How to Make Hiring Decisions You Won’t Later Regret
If you’ve recently made a bad hiring decision, you’re not alone. Hiring managers regret hiring at least one in every five employees. Follow these tips to help you make future hiring decisions you won’t regret.
leadership concept Is Your Company Prepared for the Leadership Drought?
The business community will see a significant change in the leadership landscape over the next five years. To evaluate your company’s preparedness, ask yourself these three questions.
deep in thought Should You Save for Retirement or Reinvest in Your Business?
In: Taxes
If you are an entrepreneur, should you save for retirement or reinvest in your business? This article explores the pros and cons of both.
advertisement concept The Importance of Return on Attention (ROA) in Marketing
In today's crowded marketing environment, Return on Attention (ROA) is the new Return on Investment (ROI). Here’s how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing messages and achieve maximum ROA.
Businessman with halo over his head The Halo Effect: The Trap That Makes You Hire the Wrong Person
A team full of good people is an admirable goal for any leader. But there’s a common trap on the road to a goal like this that has snared many a well-meaning hiring manager.
Giant question mark The Next Big Thing for Entrepreneurs: Look to the Past for Answers
Regardless of what happens with the fickle trends in the world of tech, entrepreneurial opportunities are still plentiful. But sometimes instead of getting in line with the crowd, it’s best to follow your own path.
Marijuana background 3 Signs the Marijuana Industry Is Booming
When it comes to investment opportunities for cannabis, the sky is pretty much the limit. Here are three reason why the pot industry is booming in 2015.
Steel Worker Reward Your Small Business with the Capital One Spark® Cash Card
[SPONSORED CONTENT] With Spark BusinessSM Credit Cards from Capital One®, you could earn 2% cash back on every purchase and receive free employee cards. Now those are rewards you can accept.
outsource inhouse 4 Home Business Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing
If you find yourself swallowed in soul-sucking tedium, outsourcing might be the way to free up your time to focus on your business again.
happy businessman in suit showing thumbs up 3 Ways to Keep Your Sales Job
In: Sales
You may be nice, but in the end even nice people with lagging sales get let go. People who are not nice, but make their numbers, get to stay. That's business. Learn three ways to keep your job if you’re looking for a career in sales.
Creative business concept Spring Cleaning for Your Brain: How to Recharge and Reconnect with Your Entrepreneurial Creativity
Many of us use this season to do a little spring cleaning of our office. And while it’s beneficial to operate with a tidy desk, we also can benefit from clearing the cobwebs from our brains so that we can reignite our business creativity.
road with maze and solution Succeeding in the Modern Economy: How to Build a $100 Million Company
What are the real secrets to success that all entrepreneurs need to know to scale their businesses and hopefully one day hit $100 million?
Businessman Holding Piggy Bank Lowering Small Business Costs: 5 Ideas to Implement Immediately
Cost control is always the primary concern of small business owners. Entrepreneurs need to run lean organizations in order to get off the ground.