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Advertising, Marketing & PR

From cutting-edge social media to time-tested PR tactics, craft a marketing, advertising, and public relations strategy that serves your small business.

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Personal branding has many of the same goals as business branding, but, as an individual, you will use different tactics. Here are five personal branding tips for new entrepreneurs.
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When bringing a product or service to market it's important to consider the customer experience -- what will they be thinking about your offering 180 days after they purchase it?
If you want to know how to rebuild your brand after a PR nightmare, there are seven important steps that must be followed.
American football player
The NFL is under much scrutiny about the way it has handled the Ray Rice issue. They've violated the cardinal rule of crisis communications: Go ugly, early.
We care
Simple gestures of kindness can bring big returns in business. They help you distinguish yourself from others and get you through closed doors.
emotional targeting
In the world of branding, consumers expect to be charmed, and astute brands pull on the emotional strings of consumers to make a sale.
email concept
Through proper technique, you can turn email into the highlight of social interaction, engaging your audience on a more intimate level.
Email marketing can be a powerful tool in an online marketer's arsenal if used intelligently to catch the right people at the right moment, and with the right message.
You've got a great idea for a business - now what? Melanie Haselmayr shares the next steps to transform an exciting new business idea into a real business.
YouTube is one of the most widely viewed video platforms on the Internet. Nine young entrepreneurs share their advice on how to use it to promote a brand.
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Leaving your loyal customers out in the cold is like neglecting a relationship. Here's how to use loyalty marketing to retain those important relationships.
With video, your message has a better chance of being heard, understood, and remembered. The sooner you harness this powerful communication tool, the greater the advantage to your business.
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Are young people really leaving Facebook in droves? Find out if Millennials are Facebook fans or not and what it means to your small business marketing.
hall of fame
An organization's online reputation must be managed, though it may seem a bit overwhelming to most. Here are 14 steps to manage and maintain your reputation.
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Constantly seeking feedback from your customers is a great way to learn how to market your business more effectively.
Great idea
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Do you find it challenging to come up with ideas for writing great sales copy? Here are three suggestions to becoming an idea machine.
Facebook launches cross-device reporting for ads, which allows businesses to track sales activity across multiple devices all the way through to conversion.
Before it's too late, make it a priority to put your company's product or service at your customers' fingertips-no matter where they're shopping from.
Container Ship
There are lots of excellent resources available to help you prepare your export marketing plan. We present an overview of what this plan should include.
inspirational book
There is a challenge going around on Facebook to name the 10 books that have profoundly affected your life. We get the ball rolling.

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