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Advertising, Marketing & PR

From cutting-edge social media to time-tested PR tactics, craft a marketing, advertising, and public relations strategy that serves your small business.

Today's Must Read
In an age of digital word-of-mouth, a little investment goes a long way. Here's how to build a strong online reputation for your restaurant or bar, leading to more trust and more customers.
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In part 1 of a 3-part series on lead generation, Howard Yeh shares strategies to improve online customer acquisition and inbound lead generation to your website.
Sanjay Govil of Infinite Computer Solutions on how a more focused, customer-specific approach to mobile advertising is emerging-one with enormous potential.
As the 2014 World Cup enters its second week, a marketing war has erupted between some famous global brands. Here's why there's almost as much excitement off the field as on.
Trending Concept
Technology is moving faster than light speed, it seems. Every time you look up, there's some amazing new gadget or app that makes your life better.
Public relations, by it's nature, is very hard to measure. There are soft and data-driven metrics you can use to prove the effectiveness of a PR program.
As the controversial World Cup 2014 prepares for its first match, major global brands take on the challenge of an effective marketing campaign.
Airport display market sales tactics
A recent article proclaimed that nine standard marketing tactics are already dead. The truth is, while none are truly dead, there are four in particular that aren't going anywhere soon.
Target logo
There are five things you can learn from the Target crisis, including how to communicate directly from their chief marketing officer, Jeff Jones.
Make this year the best one for your business! Follow these six suggestions on how to build an effective digital marketing campaign for your business and your clients in 2014.
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If you want to make the most of the next trade show you attend, here are five tips you can use to effectively and affordably market your ideas.
giant sized penny
Promoting your business can often be very expensive -- especially when you're just starting out. Learn some marketing and PR tips that won't break the bank.
Brand concept
Brand naming and brand messaging is crucial for any business because you want something that will stick to your target market and audience for a long time.
bulls eye
Retargeting technology is not just for the giants -- it can also bring success to small ecommerce businesses. Here's how to boost your online sales with personalized retargeting.
If you're wondering what social media outlet your business should be using today, look no further than Instagram.
Hands typing on a laptop computer
If you're a small business owner, guest posting is a great PR tactic to build awareness for your business. Follow these easy steps to get started.
Google Plus logo
Of all the social media platforms, Google+ could be the most important to your business. Learn how to grow and engage with your followers.
Public Relations concept
The PR industry has changed significantly, but it's all for the better. Rather than think of it as some sort of magic, think about it like a marathon.
Press Releases concept
An effective way to promote your business is to write and distribute press releases. And what makes a press release good enough to excite an editor? News.
reputation management - your brand online
Luckily, when it comes to keeping an eye on the buzz about your business online, there are many tools out there that can help without making a dent in your marketing budget.

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