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Advertising, Marketing & PR

From cutting-edge social media to time-tested PR tactics, craft a marketing, advertising, and public relations strategy that serves your small business.

Today's Must Read
pay per click
Many businesses struggle to define a proper PPC budget. Here's a simple strategy for creating a pay-per-click budget to run on Google AdWords.
drowning man
Small business expert Denise O'Berry tells the story of one small business owner who was actually driving his target market away with his marketing materials.
Businessman with giant magnet
There is a little known secret about content marketing: You don't have to write an eBook to drive leads. Use lead magnets instead. We tell you how.
To be successful online and in networking, you must take control of your personal brand. That's where personal branding coaches come in.
call to action signpost
Filed In: Sales and Sales & Marketing
Many marketers tend to tread carefully on calls to action while trying to promote their businesses. Here's how you can strategically use the CTA to your business's advantage.
A referral is the result of a job well done, exceeded expectations, and delivering an experience worth talking about. Always begin with a referral in mind.
Icons for the application
"Using" other people to promote commerce is nothing new and it's a great way to get found. Here are ways you can "use people" to further your brand.
Fresh content is the lifeblood of the Internet, or at least, of the search engines. Here's how to turn that content into a new channel to drive traffic to your site.
Business team with megaphone
Free publicity is really a great way to grow your business. Here are three key things you need to remember when crafting your publicity pitch.
Return on investment concept
Social media dominates small business owners' marketing tactics -- but measuring social media ROI is still a challenge. Rieva Lesonsky shares some tips.
Businesswoman using laptop
As you prepare for your next online marketing campaign, here are three robust online marketing dashboard tools that might be able to help you.
drive more conversions
Most businesses think that more web traffic equals more money The dirty little secret is that conversion optimization could instantly and dramatically increase your revenue.
The exploding popularity of visually centric social media sites makes it clear that visual blogging is the wave of the future when it comes to online and social media content.
Everybody knows about social media and SEO but what most don't realize is what's actually needed in order to make your SEO strategy work.
Authority marketing means using your expertise to build a reputation for yourself in your industry. Learn how to apply its principles to any business.
Website concept
Filed In: Technology
Are you using your business website to the fullest? Try these marketing, sales, and operations ideas to make your website really work for you.
Personal branding has many of the same goals as business branding, but, as an individual, you will use different tactics. Here are five personal branding tips for new entrepreneurs.
 smiley emotican
When bringing a product or service to market it's important to consider the customer experience -- what will they be thinking about your offering 180 days after they purchase it?
If you want to know how to rebuild your brand after a PR nightmare, there are seven important steps that must be followed.
emotional targeting
In the world of branding, consumers expect to be charmed, and astute brands pull on the emotional strings of consumers to make a sale.

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