Where Do I Find Information on an Attorney’s Background and Experience?

Once you have selected the attorney you wish to hire, and know the state in which the attorney practices, there are a number of ways to find information on the attorney’s background and experience. You can go to either of the two largest online listings of attorneys, Martindale.com or Lawyers.com, and search for information about the attorney on those sites. The listings on these sites provide information about the attorney’s education, memberships, publications, location, and area(s) of practice. Only those attorneys and firms that have elected to be listed on these sites are so listed.

You can also search for the attorney you have selected on Google or Yahoo! placing the full name in quotes, along with the city and state where the attorney practices (“Sam Spade” Attorney San Francisco California). The search should turn up the link to the attorney and his or her firm’s Web Site, which site will provide the desired information on the attorney’s background and experience. The search will also provide additional information about the attorney.