Unusual Perks for Employees

You may not want or be able to spend the money for certain employee benefits. Yet, you are probably still concerned about employee morale. However, you can still provide some unusual perks for your employees — ones that don’t cost an arm, a leg, and a bank loan.

Here are some ideas that other companies use:

  • Laundry service: Employees can drop off their laundry at the office and have it returned the next day.
  • Massages: Workers can get neck and back massages at their desks.
  • Car washes: Employees can make appointments to have their cars picked up at work and washed and detailed while they work.
  • On-site dental visits: A dentist can make on-site visits to the company, and employees can make advance appointments.
  • Day care facilities: A number of companies provide on-site day care facilities.
  • Health club memberships: A number of companies provide various employees memberships at nearby health clubs.
  • On-site health services: Some companies offer on-site doctor check-ups, mammograms, and other nontraditional health services
  • Beer and pizza parties: Beer and pizza parties are a fixture at a number of Silicon Valley companies.
  • Office meal delivery: Some companies offer meal-delivery services for employees working late into the night.

These perks enhance productivity and morale while providing convenience and accessibility to the employees. The cost of such perks may be worth the benefits gained from improved work conditions for employees — employees who are less distracted can focus more on the job at hand.

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