Two Weeks To A Breakthrough: How to Zoom Toward Your Goal in 14 Days or Less

 As promised this post features an illuminating and inspiring book Lisa Haneberg, one of’s popular Business Advisors who writes the Management Craft blog.

Lisa’s book is outstanding in that it is actionable! She is truly a “breakthrough catalyst” in that she focuses her book around providing a definitive process to help you determine your goal and take the actions necessary to achieve it.

Unlike other books in this arena or some might even say “Secret” books, Lisa’s book comes from real-world experience and a tested model of how to forge ahead and find your success. If you want a book filled with platitudes – this is not the one to get!

In particular, Haneberg’s take on what she terms, “the big power of small things” hones in for the reader how “small becomes big.” Haneberg’s style is easy and engaging and offers the reader insight on how “thousands of tiny acts make a big difference.”

For individuals and businesses the book should serve as a guidebook for how to pro-actively change the route you’re taking for the one filled with passion and rediscovery.

Hanenberg encourages the reader to “get with the Daily Practice” and lays out an easy to follow program including weekends whereby you: tell people about your goal, take actions that support your goal, and make requests that support your goal.

How often have you heard the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for?” – if it’s one too many times, then I suggest you pick up Lisa’s book and spend the next two weeks reaching that goal you most desire.

Lisa also offers up an outstanding starting exercise to the program called, “Priming the Pump” which is available in her book as well as on her web site. This exercise helps you hone your goal and prime the pump for your daily practices toward reaching that goal.

If you really sit and ponder the possibility that in two weeks time you could be filled with more passion directed at what you really want to be doing, then this book is a no-brainer. If however, you want to spend the next two weeks filled with doubt, wondering why other people get to be happy and you don’t or just mesmerized by the latest “American Idol“, then this book is not for you.

My recommendation – turn off the Idol and go get the book. And if you’re really up for a breakthrough – find out where Lisa and her trusty cycle “Hazel” are on in their Year of the Breakthrough Tour sponsored by Motto. Lisa is riding her cycle over 10,000 miles from Seattle and back with many tour cities along the way. There’s still time to book her for your company along the route!

You can also email lisa at lhaneberg AT gmail DOT com for more info.