Three Qualities I Look For In A Sales Associate

When I’m looking to buy and I need a sales associate (that’s any time the product has more than two moving parts or is a gift for my wife) there are three qualities that I want that associate to possess. 

  1. Integrity. I want that person to be honest, driven to follow through on his or her commitments to me, and able to admit and apologize promptly for mistakes. I do not want someone pushing a product on me based on his sales quota or her need to make a larger commission. If I need the product delivered by a certain time, or if the associate needs to set up a delivery, I expect things to happen as he or she stated. If something changes, then I want to receive a prompt communication along with an explanation.

  2. Competence. I want someone who has more than enough product knowledge and who can answer my hundred questions. However, I know there will be times when he or she will have to find the answer from somewhere or someone else. That’s okay; just get me an answer in a prompt fashion. Don’t worry; it’s okay to be new. If you’ve just started, let me know that and I’ll give you some extra latitude. But whatever you do, don’t waste my time.

  3. Confidence. Be friendly and courteous within the bounds of your profession. Sincerely make me feel like a valued customer and, when appropriate, inject some fun into the customer experience. I bought a car, which I still have, from such a salesperson in 2004. I’ll give him a chance the next time I’m looking for a car. Not because of the dealership, but because of his manner towards my wife and me. (One more year with this one, then maybe I can get that convertible.)




Confidence. Three qualities that make me much more likely to establish a relationship with your business.






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