The World’s Ugliest PowerPoint Slides Revealed

Last year, I came across a story about a Pentagon PowerPoint slide that you have to see to believe. Guess what? It’s got company in PowerPoint Hell. Lots and lots of company.

InFocus Labs just wrapped up its “What Not to Present” contest. They asked people to contribute the ugliest, messiest, most incredibly screwed-up examples of PowerPoint madness they could lay hands on.

Boy, did they get some doozies. Here’s the “winning” slide, for which the person who sent it wins — wait for it! — an InFocus slide projector:

Here’s my personal favorite from a group of random winners picked from what must have been a mountain of outstanding candidates. It’s also proof that a cell-phone camera in the wrong hands is more dangerous than a mean drunk with a loaded gun:

I’m sure each of these gems seemed like a really good idea at the time. It wasn’t.

Check out more of these at InStat, along with a plea for PowerPoint sanity — complete with helpful tips — from Ellen Finkelstein. Remember, this stuff is only funny when it’s somebody else’s slide.

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