The Greatest Email Template Ever

At least that’s what my clients have reported back to me after using the very same template for a certain type of email which I’m about to share with you here. Back in March, I shared with you some insights as to why your email marketing campaign may not be pulling in the results you want, and it had more to do with your email and less to do with your prospects. (You can read that blog again here.)


Well, I’ve spent some time putting together some best practices and, believe it or not, the email template below along with the following guidelines have pulled the highest number of responses when sent to prospects. I’ve tested this with dozens of clients in a variety of industries and professions. In other words, I’m sharing with you some very important intel that’s going to make your email campaign noticeably more effective.


Now, I know for those of you who are compelled to want to give so much information this may challenge your current way of doing things. However, that’s the point. The less information you provide, the more they need to call you to get the information. And that is the objective; to create enough interest for them to contact you.


So, take it out for a test drive. I’d give it a solid month using this dozens of times to get an accurate gauge of how it works for you and what needs to be refined.


Keep in mind, the following example is already set up for anyone who sells advertising, web services, marketing services, or anything related to helping companies drive more business to them.


Here’s another tip from your coach. Interview your prospects when they do response to determine best practices and what it was that triggered them to respond. This way you can duplicate it again.



A few guidelines first.


1. Do not mention your company name or use your signature line in your email.


2. Do not use any hyperlinks in your email, which is another red flag for spam filters.


  1. In the SUBJECT LINE: it will simply contain their industry name or name of profession.


For example:


Need a Florist

Need a Mortgage

Need a Caterer

Need a Real Estate Agent

Need a Photographer

Need an IT Pro


4. REMOVE BRACKETS in the template below and replace with the appropriate information.


5. Here’s what will go in the body of the email:



We have a significant number of clients. Many of whom are searching online specifically for a [STATE THEIR PRODUCT/SERVICE.]


My job is to direct our clients to a reputable, quality source with a relevant website [IF THEY HAVE ONE. IF NO WEBSITE, YOU CAN ALSO SAY ‘with a strong local presence’ or use both if applicable!]. If you are able to accept more potential clients in the upcoming months, please feel free to respond by phone at MY NUMBER or email me your direct number [NOTE: remove if you have their phone number] along with a day and time that I may call you.


Kind Regards,


Your Name

Your Number


Now, I don’t ask for money for nuggets like these :-) but I would love if you could share with me the results of using this type of approach with your next email campaign and how it’s helped you.