The Difference Between A Product-Focus & A Customer-Focus

 Over at Customer Experience Matters, Bruce Tempken has a post, Customer Experience Drives Word of Mouth. It’s a good post and provides some arguments for those of us trying to convince skeptical colleagues that we need to do a better job in this arena.

But what I found interesting was a link in one of the comments to Andy’s Blog where he links to a story in the UK’s Daily Mail about an upset customer who parked his lemon on a public street outside the dealership. The customer claims he’s had numerous problems with the Rover. Check out the pictures and you’ll see that the customer turned the car into a rolling billboard.

Here’s a quote from the story:

Mark Foster of Jaguar Land Rover said: ‘Land Rover operates a comprehensive warranty programme and a strong goodwill policy.

‘All necessary repairs to this vehicle over 42,000 miles have been carried out under warranty.

‘However, we are disappointed this customer’s experience has been unfortunate and as such we have made a goodwill offer towards helping him into a new vehicle.’

To me, this illustrates the difference between a focus on your product (or it could be a case of the lawyers running everything) and a focus on your customer. If the dealership had been customer-focused, things would have never gotten this far. Now it appears they’re taking action but only because of the negative news covereage.

We haven’t heard the dealership’s side of the story so I’m not going to jump to the typical, “shoulda focused on the customer and avoided all of this” conclusion.

Rather I offer it to you as an example that demonstrates the differences between a product-focus and a customer focus. It’s up to you to decide what it best for your organization.



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