The CEO’s Secret Handbook

Shhhh! It’s a secret so let’s put it on the Web. Kidding aside, I have seen and read a little of “Swanson’s Unwritten Rules of Management” and I was impressed. While getting the booklet takes a little looking, it can be found and obtained cheaply. The bits of wisdom usually make a lot of sense and in fact are usually common sense, in hindsight. The ‘in hindsight’ is the key and if you don’t want to spend years learning it all the hard way then check out the booklet. – Doug Kersten The CEO’s Secret Handbook “It started decades ago as flashes of insight scribbled on loose scraps of paper. Then it morphed into a PowerPoint presentation that distilled years of business wisdom into a handful of easy-to-remember aphorisms. Last year it became a 76-page spiral-bound booklet clad in a plain gray cover. Eventually, Warren Buffett received a copy — and liked it so much that he asked for dozens more to give to his CEOs, friends, and family. The tiny handbook has become an underground hit among senior executives and management thinkers. ”