You have a friend at the

When I first began inventing products that I actually wanted to submit to potential licensees, I was struck by a fear many inventors share. I was convinced that someone would steal my ideas if I didn’t go the great lengths to protect them. So when I finally came up with an idea I believed in and thought was truly great, I called an attorney to help me file for protection. And I remember feeling fearful of the United States Patent and Trademark Office — the federal body that receives, reviews, and grants intellectual property rights — too.

How do you find the right patent attorney?

Before hiring anyone, you’d check out what his or her former clients or patients thought about the service provided, wouldn’t you? The same mentality goes for patent attorneys. It’s crucial to get referrals from other people, and ideally, from other inventors. And before you begin working with an attorney, please consider the following advice! I’ve learned the incredibly expensive way what to do and what not to.