Food For (Customer Service) Thought

Morsel #1: From a link at Customers Rock! I found this quote at Tell 3000:

The longer companies refuse to accept the influence of consumer-to-consumer communication a?nd perpetuate old ways of doing business, the more they will alienate and drive away their customers
If the economy is negatively impacting your business, think about the above and ask yourself if it applies to you. A subtle change in this perception might make a not so subtle impact on your sales. For example, do you use Google Alerts to track mentions of your business’s name? Do you you use Google Blog Search to find posts that mention you? Do you leave a comment?

Morsel #2: From the newsletter, CRM Advocate:

If I were to ask you for a definition of your organization’s customer experience, would you be able to tell me? If you could tell me, what is the probability that two randomly selected co-workers would have the same definition? And, would the CEO have the same definition?

According to a new study, almost half of service providers in the wireless, wireline cable and satellite markets did not have such a clear definition. The study, sponsored by Amdocs and conducted by the Yankee Group, revealed that while 70 percent of service providers believe that business processes have a direct impact on the customer experience, nearly one third (28 percent) do not have dedicated resources to manage their internal business processes or customer-focused key performance indicators to measure the customer experience.

Here’s more on the customer service model.