New Boss? You Need These Survival Tips

woman scrutinizing small man

One of the biggest risks to your career is when you get a new boss. During this critical time, you must be proactive and strategic. Here are some survival tips you can use to “break in” your new boss and keep your job.

No Help for Women in Business

Success and challenges - business concept

Do you think that there’s discrimination against women in business? What should be done about it if you do? Here’s one well-meaning idea that will hurt, not help, women to get ahead.

Psst … 7 Tips for Minimizing Workplace Gossip

man whispering in woman's ear

The occasional office gossip may start as an innocent, “Did you hear?” conversation in the break room, but regardless of the intention, gossip and rumors do more harm than good in the workplace. Here’s how to keep gossip to a minimum.