Solar Franchises. Could One Be For You?

At the end of last year, I looked over my 150 posts on my main blog, The Franchise King Blog.I wanted to see which ones garnered the most interest. My way of analyzing the data is pretty simple. I check out the stats on my blog, and find out which posts still consistently get read, daily, weekly, and monthly. Then I put together a “Top Posts Of 2007” list, and I have a link to them on the main page of my main blog.

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Would you like to know which post has garnered the most interest? Would you like to know which post still gets read daily?

It is this one….

2008 seems to be the year for new energy conservation buzzwords. In order, they are:

1. Sustainable
2. Carbon footprints
3. Solar Power
4. Wind Power
5. Renewables
6. Recyling

Let’s talk about #3 on the hit parade, Solar Energy. Since there is still only one Solar Energy Franchise, currently, I thought it would be interesting to examine their business model.

From The Yes! Solar Solutions website:

A Business Model for Today

“Yes! Solar Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Solar Power, Inc. which has its own manufacturing facility where we build our proprietary line of high-quality solar modules and other components available exclusively through Yes! Solar Solutions energy outlets. This unique supply chain control allows franchisees to take economic advantage of low-cost manufacturing, guaranteed supply and a unique distribution model while leveraging the economies of scale that come from being part of a national franchise network.”

So, as the franchisee, you run the retail operation. You, along with engineers who you have access to,sell, design, and install solar energy solutions for residential, and commercial applications. Mostly the “product” consists of Solar Panels, and the necessary hardware required to install and monitor them.

From afar, this concept look like it could be a good one to investigate, as long as you live in a sunny climate. This company is based in sunny California. California is a very popular place to launch franchise concepts. That is great for Californians, who serve as test subjects to new franchise concepts, but it can be bad for new franchise owners that are going to open their franchises in different places. Another words, as a Clevelander who is interested in Solar energy, would it make sense to spend a lot of time investigating the opportunity? Because of our proximity to Lake Erie, we have a lot of cloudy days. I am not a scientist, but I am assuming that in order for Solar panels to actually work, they must get a lot of direct sunlight.

So, my post last year concerning Solar Franchises gets a lot of attention, and comments. I am sure that Yes! Solar Solutions benefits tremendously from the publicity I give them. However, Yes! Solar Solutions is a really young franchise company, and I am wondering if they have the infrastructure in place to handle the amount of inquires they are receiving.

Secondly, do they have the infrastructure to handle the franchise sales part?

In summation, this concept does look pretty good, from the outside. Does anyone reading this have any experience with them, or any other Solar related franchise? If so, please add your comments…

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