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Solo 401k, Self-Directed IRA, Traditional Retirement Education

Thinking about retirement planning. Best sites for educating yourself on retirement planning.

Retirement education: That would imply that you have enough working years left to plan for, work for, and contribute to, some sort of retirement plan.

When I started thinking about this blog post last week and researching what sites really help someone prepare for and learn about retirement strategies, it became pretty clear that this blog is not for someone about to stop working soon. Our blog on self-directed retirement is probably for someone with at least 15 working years left in his or her career.

Even 15 years is probably short and makes for an aggressive planning cycle. I assume that there are people out there, though, closer to the standard retirement age of 65 (or so) who might have a substantial portfolio and want to diversify it with a solo 401k or self-directed retirement option .

With that said, where should one turn to find the calculators, the sage advice, and the ideas that make for a healthy retirement?

AARP comes to mind and I’ve highlighted a few articles here, but it wasn’t everything one could expect. Motley Fool is another we really like. USAA also came to mind for those who have been connected to the military service in some way. We are going to dig in next week to review at least some of the major self directed retirement plan companies out there.

This article outlined the reality for some retirees who are now changing their plans or delaying their retirement.

This article offered some great advice as well as some good comments from readers. Worth a look.

Forbes recently put out a Retire Smart report that had some good planning tips and articles. again had a useful listing and directory of education-oriented providers.  Most of the companies listed answered an important question: “Is retirement education and communication this firms only business?”. And a handful answered yes, which shows they are not selling securities.

I keep going out there looking for the Holy Grail of retirement planning advice. Some set of companies or advisors or nonprofits that will help me sort through the best ways to invest.  I’ll let you know when I find it.


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