Social Media Proves It Can Increase Sales

Every entrepreneurial retailer out there who’s wondering whether their efforts on social media are working (or just a waste of time) should take a look at this article that looks at social media stats on many businesses who use Facebook.

The stats are provided by Facebook, but many third parties who use Facebook for marketing also validate them. Among the results they boast according to the article:

Increased Visitation and Staying power

  • Increased traffic referral to websites
  • Increased time spent on websites
  • Increased page views on websites

The Power of the Like Button

  • Increased sales
  • Increased repeat purchasing

Now those stats are pretty powerful and would be the envy of any entrepreneurial retailer. So take a read of the article to get all the lowdown. It also offers up tons of great ideas on how to get more out of Facebook including making your “like” more likable and other great ideas on how to increase referral traffic via Facebook.

So why is this important?

  • Because social media is a proven driver of traffic and sales (better get going on an ecommerce initiative if you don’t have one (and yes, you can even do that on Facebook).
  • Because it’s essentially FREE. And that’s the best type of marketing. Remember, an entire generation barely uses email – their lives are lived on social media. It’s how they live, how they learn, how they connect.
  • Because every minute you spend cultivating your social media network is one minute you don’t have to spend using traditional media to try to drive traffic.

So get going and learn about to be more effective online.

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