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Tips for Making the Most of Your Project

You may be wondering how to set up and implement your own service project. Steve Langerud, director of professional opportunities at DePauw University and a workplace consultant, says that community service can be one of the deepest and most meaningful experiences your organization can have -- or it can be more work than it's worth. Here are some tips to make it a success:

Go local. Vote with your feet and help your community.

Choose a point person to coordinate with local agencies. Clear communication about expectations and logistics is critical.

Work with a local clearinghouse like the United Way or other community organization that regularly arranges short-term service experiences. Then, do what they tell you! They are the experts.

Prepare your group for the experience, have the experience, and then reflect on the experience. Make your staff aware of the issues, and get them talking about what it meant to do the project.

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