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Leverage the latest small business hardware, software, and services, including e-commerce, social networking, security, and mobile tools.

Today's Must Read
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
InventHelp recently traveled to South Korea to attend the Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIP). We share some of the coolest, most innovative gadgets that were on display.
Filed In: Technology
Here's a simple end-of-the-year business checklist that can help any business have a better New Year.
Cloud Backup Services_156
Filed In: Cloud Computing and Technology
Is your computer backup system secure enough? Lessen your risk of losing crucial data by using cloud backup services to protect your small business.
Filed In: Security and Technology
U.S. busineses lost $40 billion dollars to retail theft in 2013. Here are four key factors to consider before purchasing a security system for your store.
Vector mobile payment concept
Companies that understand social selling and become early adopters have the advantage IF they implement social selling tools that measure their results.
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
Michael Evans shares business predictions for 2015, foreseeing changes in the areas of interest rates, energy costs, social media, wearable tech, and more.
What's on small business owners' holiday wish list this year? A survey by Manta polled entrepreneurs, and the answers might not be what you think.
In today's competitive employment marketplace, smart companies differentiate themselves with talent acquisition technologies that allow them to successfully vie for candidates.
Filed In: Financing & Credit and Finance
When you are part of a small offline company, only accepting cash can seem like a safe bet. But it's not the smartest way to grow a business. Here's why.
Many anonymous social media apps have launched in the past 18 months to give us back some sort of safe place to post online. But are they really anonymous?
Dollar button
No matter how much traffic your site gets, what really matters is conversions. Learn how to convert people who haven't decided whether to buy or not into paying customers.
Drew Hendricks presents a roundup of online marketing trends for the past year: the rise of content marketing, image-centric content, social media expansion, and mobile-friendly websites.
online business
The road to starting a business online can be long and littered with difficult decisions and numerous obstacles. Follow these steps to improve your chances of succeeding.
Chargeback management is complex; unfortunately, there are no quick-fix strategies that will totally eliminate your risk. If you sell things online, take heed of these prevention tactics.
digital marketing
For years, marketers fought against difficult-to-pin-down ROI, bosses who didn't "get" social media, and a deluge of hard-to-analyze data. But things may finally be changing.
The social networking giant is set to release a professional service that aims to take on Microsoft and Google. Alex Morris takes a look at "Facebook at Work."
Information overload
Filed In: Technology
When technology keeps us from getting work done, that's when it's time to unplug.
voice mail
Filed In: Technology
Small business expert Denise O'Berry talks about how to get out of voice mail jail, and the one simple way to make sure you get the right connection every time.
growing your business
Filed In: Technology
Grow your business without complex processes and costly expenses by using these three simple tools. You will save time, money, and retain customers.
Vlad Molchadski
As more companies migrate their marketing budgets from traditional to digital marketing channels, business is zooming for digital marketing firms like BizTraffic.

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