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Starting a Business

To get your startup off the ground, you'll need to pick a business structure, find financing, craft a business plan, deal with legal issues, and more.

Today's Must Read
Selecting the right employees
The key to operating startups in a small or isolated market or town is to develop the right infrastructure for growth by hiring the best talent.
Today's tech entrepreneurs want to take pot somewhere it's never been, and they have the skills and resources to do just that.
raving fans
Small business expert Denise O'Berry explains how you can take a not-so-stellar customer situation and turn it around.
Filed In: Finance
Small business expert Denise O'Berry explains how to make sure you stay on top of cash flow, along with the steps you should take if you discover a gap.
Breaking piggy bank
Do you have a great idea for a business, but you're short on cash? If you own a qualified retirement account, you can use this to fund your new business.
Deliver on your promises
Small business expert Denise O'Berry explains how perks used to keep customers coming back can actually backfire and send customers running away.
Despite the proliferation of Web-based DIY travel services, why are so many modern travelers turning to travel agencies and clubs to help plan their getaways?
business systems
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Business owners need to find a balance between creative innovation that spurs company growth and business systems that keep a company running smoothly.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Many people are launching their own coaching, consulting, or service business. Duct Tape Marketing's John Jantsch shares seven important steps to building a winning practice.
Hiring the right person does not require endless rounds of candidate interviews. These steps will help you target the best candidates for the job.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
As a venture capital and angel investor who has heard many pitches, I've compiled a list of mistakes and things to avoid if you're an entrepreneur seeking angel or venture financing.
Yahoo recently announced a new offering that allows any small or growing business to establish an e-commerce store quickly and easily.
We've all got our breaking points as small business owners. Nellie Akalp asks other successful business owners their secrets to battling stress and staying sane.
Start a business_156
Before you start a business, be sure to ask yourself these six questions to make sure you're really prepared for entrepreneurship.
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
The face of manufacturing is fundamentally changing in America. TJ McCue shares stories as he travels across the country taking the pulse of 3D printing.
Eleven successful business owners share which entrepreneurial thought leaders they follow regularly -- and who you should be reading.
Frustrated businessman
The moment you decide to start your own business is one of sheer joy. Unfortunately, starting a new business also takes a lot of time.
Startup businesses don't have the benefit of hindsight, or much experience in the workings of Murphy's Law. Mike Kappel explains how his first major business purchase nearly sunk his business at the start.
Hong kong city at night
With so many countries, so many options, and so many factors to consider, where does an entrepreneur looking to plant roots in Asia region even start?
As an entrepreneur, you have specific skills that make you successful. But as your company grows, you need to hire employees with complementary skills.

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