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Filed In: Education and Industries
Successful entrepreneur Devin Schain is taking a fresh approach to improving the U.S. education system through innovation and private-public partnerships.
business call
Conference calls are an effective way to collaborate with co-workers who are in different locations. But, what is the appropriate amount of time to spend on these calls?
Filed In: Government and Industries
Many small business owners believe doing business with the government is complicated -- but, in fact, the government operates similarly to many corporate clients.
At the peak, 30 percent of all call center jobs were being outsourced to other countries, but it has dropped to 12 percent. Here's what's driving this new "insourcing" trend.
House for rent
Rental property can be a great investment, but can also be a disaster if your knowledge of the process is inadequate. Follow these tips in order to turn a good profit.
Melanie Haselmayr highlights 10 digital tools that can make the life of real estate agents and brokers that much easier.
Filed In: Education and Industries
The cost of higher education can saddle students with crippling debt for a long time, warns Dean Florez of the Michelson Twenty Million Minds foundation.
Experts believe that the Beats merger, not new items announced at the WWDC, will be key to Apple's growth.
In the first quarter of 2014, outbound Chinese real estate investments rocketed 25 percent to $2.1 billion.
affordable care act
Filed In: Personal Finance and Finance
An increasing amount of baby boomers are set to retire. Financial expert Ty J. Young discusses how the ACA will impact their plans.
Filed In: Healthcare and Industries
President Obama has signed new regulation closing loopholes and rewarding the compounding pharmacies that have always been regulated.
Wouldn't it be nice if commercial leases were exactly like renting a house? Unfortunately, there are different issues you must be prepared for when leasing a space for your business.
Doctor having doubts
Filed In: Healthcare and Industries
Learn why and how healthcare has become the top industry targeted in identity theft.
Calgary skyline at dusk
Western Canada native and entrepreneur Richard Crenian discusses why natural resources and other factors are increasing demand in the region.
residential houses
Real estate expert Justin Singletary discusses millennial trends, why it's a seller's market, and everything that will make 2014 a great year in real estate.
doing homework online
Filed In: Education and Industries
U.S. teenagers are now 31st in math. Alexei Beltyukov and Solvy are creating a way to help math students, teachers, and administrators with innovative technological solutions.
Filed In: Manufacturing and Industries
Companies worldwide have outsourced manufacturing to China, and opportunities still exist despite rising labor costs. If your business is ready to take the plunge, here are four key points to consider.
boxing match
The fate of small community banks is likely to be decided by the end of this decade. Everyone has a stake in the eventual outcome, especially small business owners.
home office
As BYOD, remote workforces, and teleworking become the norm, effective communication is critical for a business. These tools help a business succeed.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
President Obama wants to double U.S. exports by 2015, and the federal government is ready to assist U.S. business in expanding into overseas markets. Learn how your business can benefit.

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Definitions for: smokestack industries
smokestack industries

basic manufacturing industries, such as autos, chemicals, steel, paper, and rubber, which typically have smokestacks on their plants. The fate of these industries, when viewed by Wall Street analysts, is closely tied to the ups and downs of the economy-they are therefore called cyclical stocks. Many smokestack industries are located in what is known as the rust belt.

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