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Getting Started

Get a head start on creating a new business with tips on planning, choosing a business structure, buying or selling an existing business, and financing.

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web search
There are so many websites dedicated to online learning, entrepreneurs can sometimes have a difficult time deciding which one to choose. Here are five great sites to check out.
Just because you're still in school doesn't mean you can't launch your own small business. Read our tips on how to balance your studies with your entrepreneurial ambitions.
Catie Nienaber
Entrepreneur Catie Nienaber channeled her eye for design and a passion for women's clothing from the past into a very 21st century online business -- one she runs successfully from her home.
If you love what you do, you will create a successful business, right? Unfortunately, in the real world, having passion isn't always good enough. These best tips will help give your new business...
smiling businesswoman holding a degree
Some experts say the high cost of college is forcing would-be young entrepreneurs to make a tough decision: Start a business or go to college -- but not both.
dont start
Starting your own business is a major life decision and not something to be taken lightly. If any of these reasons ring true, you do not need to become an entrepreneur.
Filed In: Legal and Finance
If you're a mortgage broker, or planning to become one, it's important to learn everything you can about what surety bonds are for, and how you can make them work for you.
If you're looking to improve an aspect of your life, you must set yourself up for success by setting attainable goals. Nellie Akalp offers helpful advice on how to make it happen this...
Filed In: Your Career and Staffing & HR
While it's true that you can make connections online, the reality is that there is still something special about an in-person connection. Here's why we recommend gong to a conference.
business risk
Opportunity, like time, is perishable. Missing an opportunity to move your business forward because you want to avoid risk could mean you lose out on opportunities instead.
Holding a cat
If you don't have home-based business insurance, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. Learn what type of insurance a home-based business needs.
Leslie Bocskor head-shot
As attitudes toward medicinal marijuana shift and laws legalizing its use are enacted, Electrum Partners is riding the green wave of this emerging industry.
Only about half of all small businesses have websites. If your own small business website is lacking, there are free resources from SCORE that can help.
Funny nerd scientist
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
Many people dream of making it big as an inventor, but the industry isn't for everybody. If any of these five traits describe you, it might not be your best career option.
2015 business trends
Are you getting ready to start a business in 2015? Get the scoop about these important four business trends first.
Filed In: Financing & Credit and Finance
Obtaining funds for a new or existing business can be a challenge. Before lenders will commit to funding, they'll want to know that there's a high chance of success.
Thinking About A New Move
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Many consider strategic planning to be a time-consuming obstacle instead of a way to enhance company performance. Take advantage of this critical business tool to grow your business.
mechanic and client
Small business expert Denise O'Berry discusses how you can actually train your customers to spend their hard-earned cash with your business.
dollar sign
Filed In: Financing & Credit and Finance
If you're looking to shore up your existing small business operations, or cover startup costs for your small business, here are a few funding options.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Read our helpful summary of the most significant legal and business due diligence activities connected with a typical M&A transaction.

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