2011: The Small Business Year in Review

2011: A Rough Ride for Small Business

Let’s not kid ourselves: For the vast majority of small businesses, 2011 wasn’t just a year to forget. It was a year to wrap up and bury in a very deep hole.

What looked to be an economic recovery turned out not to be. Bickering politicians couldn’t agree on anything. Gas and tech prices shot sky-high, and natural disasters plagued large sections of the country — and the world. Home prices fell, and the only thing many consumers shopped for this year was a decent job.

There were a few bright spots, including evidence that the economy is finally showing signs of new life as we head into 2012. And if you’re sick of business as usual in Washington, you’ve now got plenty of company.

Join us as we count down a baker’s dozen of the stories that defined the year for the nation’s small businesses. It wasn’t always pretty, but it was definitely interesting.

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— Matthew McKenzie