10 Creative Team-Building Ideas for Your Business

Team Building Really Works

It’s easy to dismiss team-building outings and exercises as warm and fuzzy luxuries that have no place in today’s rough economy.

But firms that make regular company outings and events a priority can reap tremendous payoffs, claims Janet Rudolph, creative director at Team Building Unlimited in Berkeley, Calif. “You can achieve some valuable lessons from a shared activity. You can build morale by having everyone work on common goals. Employees can also use the tools and strategies they acquired from the event and take them back to the office.”

Small businesses that make the effort to build team cohesion report positive results. Heidi Marzke, director of communications at San Francisco’s WaterField Designs, says her company goes on an outing together at least every quarter. “The benefits are group bonding, creating a good overall feeling about the company and about each of our colleagues, in a different setting from work,” Marzke explains.

Ready to see if team building is right for your company? These 10 creative, affordable team-building exercises are great ways to get started.

— Kathy Chin Leong

(Photo courtesy of Magic Falls Rafting Co.)