SitePal Review — Case Study Reveals Huge Improvement In Conversions

If you wait long enough, technology will catch up with the features you want. You’ve probably heard of or seen SitePal in action. It consists of those talking avatars that want to help you with your website experience. Frankly, I used to hate those things. As soon as you landed on a web page they would start yapping at you. The space age looking character would stare at you. The computer generated voice would make its best attempt at speech. It was a little creepy.

But not anymore. SitePal now gives you tons of options for customizing an avatar that fits just right with your website whether you’re selling products or services. And the variety of recording options — for delivering just the right message — gives you control of how and what you want to say.

Here’s proof.

Small Business Trends site owner Anita Campbell decided to run a test using the SitePal avatar to see if it would drive an increased number of newsletter sign ups. To help lend additional credibility to the avatar and the Small Business Trends brand, the team at SitePal recommended that a custom animated speaking character be used in the test.  The custom character was created from an actual photo of Ms. Campbell. Anita ran a split test where 50% of her visitors were shown the site with SitePal and 50% were shown the site without it.

Her results? With a statistically significant sample size of over 11,000 people, the speaking avatar did 144% better than a static photograph in driving newsletter signups. In other words, the Anita avatar helped to drive more than double the newsletter sign ups. “The avatar focused the attention of visitors on the newsletter and was successful in convincing visitors to take the extra steps to subscribe. The SitePal avatar exceeded my expectations,” Campbell says.

Can this work for your site? Maybe. By using a persuasive and brief message with the speaking avatar (including a call to action), site visitors are driven to specific sections of a page or site where they can act or in this case sign up for the newsletter.  So in effect, the character is like a sales clerk for your site.

And it’s not just for ecommerce sites. One of the big questions during the test was whether the character really could make a difference in a site where the reader was met with content at every turn and not being asked to buy anything. The test proved it could.

SitePal may improve your conversions too. And you can try it free for 15 days. Click here to find out more about what SitePal can do for you.

What do you think? Have you tried SitePal? Leave me a comment.