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Customer Service

Customer service can make or break your small business. From high-tech to high-touch, discover what it takes to always puts your customers first.

Today's Must Read
For businesses, the most important part of customer support is showing up and being "human." If you want to get positive feedback from your customers, consider these three tricks.
manage people
The key to holding on to existing customers is keeping them happy with great customer service, and the key to great customer service is managing peoples' expectations.
Twitter concept
Mastering Twitter as a marketing strategy is one thing; learning to read and use Twitter analytics is another. We present some helpful tips.
online marketing
Overwhelming. That is how many small business owners feel when it comes to websites, social media, and SEO. How to Choose Your Marketing Priorities here.
2015 resolutions_156
Did you make New Year's resolutions for yourself this year? Now is the right time of year to make resolutions that will improve your business in 2015.
mechanic and client
Small business expert Denise O'Berry discusses how you can actually train your customers to spend their hard-earned cash with your business.
Coin counting miser
If a Scrooge client is scaring the dickens out of you, a visit from the Spirits of Business Past, Present, and Future will make them as sweet as Tiny Tim.
Giving a thoughtful gift to your clients is a great way to show your appreciation of them. Nellie Akalp shares smart tips to help make the process easier this year.
Chargeback management is complex; unfortunately, there are no quick-fix strategies that will totally eliminate your risk. If you sell things online, take heed of these prevention tactics.
loyalty program
Would your business benefit from a loyalty program? If you're wondering where to start and how to get your customers to participate, read on.
Thank you
How do you feel when someone genuinely appreciates you for your efforts? It feels nice and warm, doesn't it? That's the kind of feeling you want customers and clients to associate with you.
Happy customer
Treating customers like people and showing you enjoy interacting with them are customer service qualities that will have happy customers coming back.
Businessman wearing a dunce hat
Filed In: Sales and Sales & Marketing
They say kids say the darndest things. I disagree. I think some salespeople say the stupidest things. Here are a few of the stupid things I've heard salespeople say to customers.
Filed In: Mobility and Technology
If you think that mobile apps are solely for big name brands, you're wrong. Learn some of the concrete benefits of building a mobile app for your small business.
As the old saying goes, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." That's why it's so important to ensure that your service wows your customers from the get-go!
A good customer retention program is a lot like a successful long-term relationship. It requires a lot of time, effort, and commitment to make it work.
Any of these statements can haunt a small business for years. The trick: Avoid hearing them by staying keenly in tune with every move the customer makes.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Haunted businesses are everywhere. Recognize your "ghosts" and don't ignore them. They can help or hurt your success if you don't deal properly with them.
 smiley emotican
When bringing a product or service to market it's important to consider the customer experience -- what will they be thinking about your offering 180 days after they purchase it?
We care
Simple gestures of kindness can bring big returns in business. They help you distinguish yourself from others and get you through closed doors.

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Definitions for: Customer Service Representative (CSR)
Customer Service Representative (CSR)

bank employee who opens new accounts, accepts loan applications, and assists customers with service related questions. In recent years, some banks have upgraded the customer service representative to personal banker.

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