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Customer Service

Customer service can make or break your small business. From high-tech to high-touch, discover what it takes to always puts your customers first.

Today's Must Read
At the peak, 30 percent of all call center jobs were being outsourced to other countries, but it has dropped to 12 percent. Here's what's driving this new "insourcing" trend.
Filed In: Sales & Marketing
Staying competitive in any industry requires a marketing strategy that revolves around customers. Are you listening to your clients?
customer support operator
Sometimes it's worthwhile to take a break from the statistics, graphs, and KPIs to focus on the things your customers want you to improve on.
Do the antics and smear campaigns of many political candidates annoy you? By watching how politicians turn off voters, small business owners can be better at avoiding the same results with their customers.
customer satisfaction
How can your small business win more customer loyalty? Ken Yancey of SCORE offers helpful tips.
Companies are now discovering that gamification techniques can be used to increase employee engagement and productivity.
Filed In: Sales & Marketing
There's no more convincing and effective way to attract new customers than positive comments from a satisfied existing customer on just how great you are.
customer reviews
With the continued growth of online customer reviews, reputation management has become increasingly more important for e-commerce businesses and startups.
Holding a notebook laptop
Online marketing is important--but it should be part of an overall marketing strategy to boost your business and serve your customers.
service concept
"Silence is golden" is a well-intentioned proverb, but it does not apply well to business. If you want to keep customers and clients happy, make sure to keep the lines of communication open.
happy customer
Every time you make a change in your business, it's an opportunity to touch base with your customers and reinvigorate the connection. It's not just common courtesy, it's good business practice!
Customer focus
Your customers want to be treated like human beings and not just dollar signs. Jason Delodovici shares 10 important rules all business owners should follow to keep clients smiling and satisfied.
How do you know when it's time to move on? Here are six warning signs of clients who bring more trouble than they are worth.
not impressed
In today's competitive business market, it's important to hold on to your good clients while bringing on new ones. To keep established clients happy, Kelly Walsh highlights nine common mistakes to avoid.
satisfied customer
Filed In: Sales & Marketing
When customers have a positive image of your business, they'll not only keep coming back, but will provide great word-of-mouth advertising for you -- sometimes without even knowing that they are doing it!
working on laptop computer
Running a home-based business has obvious benefits for you, but it also has benefits for your customers. Find out what they are.
Social customer service is vital for every business and personal brand. Here are questions to reveal your readiness to take your brand online.
businessman on rocket
It's always easier to keep an existing customer than it is to find a new one. Apps are a great way to boost your customers' loyalty and keep them coming back for more.
poor customer service
Retailers are losing customers daily because they are failing to get the basics right. See why you're putting your customers off, and how you can win them back.
customer service
Denise O'Berry discusses how great customer service can turn casual customers into devoted fans who will send their friends your way.

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Definitions for: Customer Service Representative (CSR)
Customer Service Representative (CSR)

bank employee who opens new accounts, accepts loan applications, and assists customers with service related questions. In recent years, some banks have upgraded the customer service representative to personal banker.

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