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Rental Notices

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How-To Advice On These Forums

  • Am I Liable for Injuries Sustained on My Rental Property?

    Liability for injuries on a rental property accident is a serious consideration for landlords. If you do not have liability insurance, a single could conceivably bankrupt you. Make sure you understand your responsibilities and know when you are and when you are not liable for injuries that occur on your rental property. There are specific laws and guidelines that are intended to protect tenants from negligent landlords. Here are some common scenarios and some basic "judgments" about whet

  • Evicting a Residential Tenant for Breach of Lease

    Maybe a tenant has failed to pay rent on time over a period of time, continually broken the terms of the lease agreement, or intentionally damaged your property. Whatever the reason, there may come a time as a landlord when you will need to terminate the lease agreement on your rental property and evict the tenant. However, this can be a difficult for many landlords, particularly with problem tenants. In order to ensure that you will not be accused of discrimination or held hostage by an unru

  • Real Estate Record Keeping for Landlords

    Keeping accurate records for a rental property is essential for any landlord. You will need to refer back to this information for tax purposes as well as keep records to avoid any discrimination claims, prevent misunderstandings on the condition of the property, and many other concerns. Income tax and deductions record keeping. Keep a log of all of the payments you receive from each of your tenants. Consider providing either a payment book or physical copy of a rental bill to each tenan

  • Tenant Eviction Checklist

    Evicting a tenant is never pleasant, but sometimes it simply has to be done. If you have exhausted all you other options and need to evict a tenant, there are specific steps that you will need to take to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Is your documentation in order? Before evicting a tenant, you must have a paper trail substantiating the reason the eviction is taking place. This will be essential if a tenant contests the eviction, refuses to leave, or tries to file a discrimination


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