Stay on Vacation when You’re on Vacation!

According to, 25% of people on vacation check their work emails hourly. In the U.S. the average worker will only use 57% of his vacation days. That means that over half of us will give up about 50 percent of the time off we’re legally allowed so we can continue to work instead.

Do Some Market Research Before Implementing Your Business Plan

I’m writing a business plan for a skate park for local kids. How do I project customers? I know how many kids in the target age group live in the area, but what percent of this number do I use in guessing how many people will use the park and how often they’ll visit? It’s time to hit the pavement and do the market research.Start by going to your local video arcade (a very similar target demographic group) and spend a full day there on a weekend and also during the week. Take notes on how many c