How Do Shipping Rates Vary?

Before you know how much you’re going to pay, you need to make a few decisions. Learn what they are and how these choices can help save you money.

How Can I Find a Good Courier Service?

I need to sign up with a courier service — one that I can trust with local delivery of important documents. Are there questions I should ask before choosing one? Many of them seem fly-by-night. Packages you send by courier service are usually a big deal — a contract that clinches the deal, photos for your local newspaper’s deadline or a product that should have been there yesterday for an important client. Not only do you need immediate response from a courier, you need dependable service. The

What Does Electronic Postage Look Like?

Under the terms of their agreements with the U.S. Postal Service, all Internet postage vendors issue a standard form of electronic postage. The Postal Service developed this postage, called an “Information-Based Indicium,” to allow vendors to deliver secure, tamper-proof electronic postage. It includes several different elements. Read our overview of electronic postage to learn more.