What Can I Do If My Tenant Sublets My Rental Property Without Notifying Me?

Subletting can be a big headache for landlords, especially if a tenant sublets a unit without the landlord’s knowledge or permission. If you do not allow your tenants to sublet units they rent from you, make this clear from the start. Including languages to this effect in your rental agreement can help avoid any ambiguity, and it may give you legal recourse if a tenant sublets one of your units against your wishes.

If a tenant has sublet a unit without your permission, here are some tips

Is Infrastructure Important?

Keeping up on computer and telecommunications technology seems a full-time job these days. Jargon aside, how important is the ability to access the latest and greatest technology when deciding on my company´s next office space? First, let´s define technological capacity as infrastructure. And yes, you should pay close attention to technological infrastructure elements such as wiring, cabling and bandwidth capabilities within a prospective office building. The quality of a building&#18