Real Estate Record Keeping for Landlords

Keeping accurate records for a rental property is essential for any landlord. You will need to refer back to this information for tax purposes as well as keep records to avoid any discrimination claims, prevent misunderstandings on the condition of the property, and many other concerns.

Income tax and deductions record keeping.
Keep a log of all of the payments you receive from each of your tenants. Consider providing either a payment book or physical copy of a rental bill to each tenan

Are There Any Benefits to a Month-to-Month Rental Agreement for My Rental Property?

There is more security for a landlord when a tenant signs a fixed-period lease, and long-term leases can help relieve a landlord’s stress about meeting a mortgage payment on the property.

However, there are definite benefits to offering month-to-month leases. Here are just a few:

1. You can attract more tenants. Many prospective tenants do not want to be tied to a long lease. A month-to-month rental agreement is much more attra