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Running the Office

Pick the right people and policies to run your office, learn cost-cutting and efficiency tips, and choose the best tools and technology.

Today's Must Read
work fraud concept
Fraud in business happens all the time, and small businesses are not immune. It can happen to you! Dr. Richard Weinberger explains the danger signs to watch out for.
Filed In: Staffing & HR
New regulations may be coming, but employers shouldn't wait to review overtime eligibility to make sure managers and staff are classified correctly.
Filed In: Staffing & HR
When employers make assumptions about an employee's knowledge and background when training them, they are often surprised and disappointed with the results.
Do Selfies and March Madness belong in the workplace? Smart employers decide and stick to a consistent policy.
Are you a workaholic who simply can't go on a vacation without carrying work with you? Here are a few things to consider in striking the right balance.
elephant on the road
Smart, successful managers hire well-qualified, skilled employees to get things done. If you've hired right, they should even be more highly qualified than you in the job you've hired them to do.
Filed In: Staffing & HR
Social scientists have studied how we run our businesses and have uncovered a surprising fact: Employee incentives don’t work. Beth Kuhel of Personal Branding Blog investigates what does.
Executive meeting room
Having the right management structure in place is key to your company's success. Here are 8 signs that signal it may be time for a change.
An interview with Christy Wyatt, the CEO of Good Technology, talks about why leaders should sweat the small stuff and over-communicate with team members.
who, what, when
Filed In: Operations
Don't be caught without written procedures in your small business -- they are a necessity rather than a luxury! Richard Weinberger discusses the importance of putting your invaluable information in writing.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
We asked 14 successful entrepreneurs to share the TED Talks that most inspired them, and that no startup founder should miss.
home office
As BYOD, remote workforces, and teleworking become the norm, effective communication is critical for a business. These tools help a business succeed.
Businessman wearing a dunce hat
Google is famous for catering to all the creature comforts of its employees. But it's the quality, not the quantity, of time spent on the job that's most important.
Big group of people working in the city
Filed In: Staffing & HR
To launch a successful marketing campaign geared to the multicultural millennial consumer, you must learn how to build and maintain a flourishing and diverse workspace. Here's how to achieve this.
shopping online
Cyber Monday deals started earlier and are lasting longer, and more employees are likely to be shopping at work to snag online deals. Does your small business have a solid policy in place?
Filed In: Technology
Overworked managers have enough on their hands without throwing employee-scheduling issues into the mix. Learn about new Web-based employee scheduling software tools that can make the process easier.
When your small business is in trouble, do you tend to keep things quiet? Here are steps you can take to save your ailing company by involving your team in the process.
managing your virtual teams
Do you need to see your staff everyday to operate a successful business? Learn seven tips that will help you (and your virtual team) overcome the obstacles that hinder success.
project management team
Filed In: Getting Started
It's a common misconception that project management is a business tool better suited to large enterprises with big budgets. Project management can offer huge benefits to any business regardless of its size.
businesswoman with child
Running a home-based business takes a village. From lawyers to accountants to mentors and friends, who do you turn to for small business help?

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