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Running the Office

Pick the right people and policies to run your office, learn cost-cutting and efficiency tips, and choose the best tools and technology.

Today's Must Read
Just because you work at home doesn't mean you can't project a professional image. Miranda Marquit shares tips on how to transform your home office into a meeting room.
Handing over a file
Filed In: Staffing & HR
Some companies have chosen to share almost everything with their employees, there are other CEOs who feel sharing that much will lead to company drama.
We've all got our breaking points as small business owners. Nellie Akalp asks other successful business owners their secrets to battling stress and staying sane.
How do you instill the best values and practices in your team to make sure your business runs smoothly when you're away?
Happy businesswoman
What do you think is the best thing about running a business? A recent survey polled small business owners to find out.
outsourcing concept
Filed In: Finance
Companies large and small use outsourcing to accomplish many tasks. Dr. Richard Weinberger shares points to keep in mind when deciding if outsourcing is a good strategy for your business.
Happy man running on the beach
Small business expert Denise O'Berry shares three tips to make sure your next vacation isn't a stress fest for your small business -- and that you have a business to come back to.
Time management concept
Time management is an illusion; there isn't anything you can do about how many hours are in a day. Your job isn't to manage time, it's to manage priorities.
Companies are now discovering that gamification techniques can be used to increase employee engagement and productivity.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Every business owner hopes a disaster will not happen in their area, but sometimes the worst does happen. Here's how to prepare your company beforehand for such a catastrophe.
Overwhelmed businesswoman
When it comes to running a business, your plate is full -- fuller than full, actually. It's important to delegate and free up your time to focus on more important tasks.
Melanie Haselmayr highlights 10 digital tools that can make the life of real estate agents and brokers that much easier.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Like most business owners and managers, you are likely inundated with data on a daily basis, yet not much of it helps you make decisions that improve results.
Screaming boss
Filed In: Your Career and Staffing & HR
Small business owners don't automatically make fantastic managers. If you truly care about being a better boss, you need to put more effort into becoming one.
Vector self employment concept
Getting extra help gives you more time and energy to focus on those tasks that you, and only you, need to do: Run your business. Talk to customers. Close sales.
Sleeping at work
What takes up the most time of your working day? We review six of the biggest time wasters we all face at work, and offer suggestions on how to conquer them.
Reprimanding an employee
It takes only a few terrible employees to kill morale and bring down a great organization. Here are five typical problem employee types that you'll stumble across in any workplace.
When companies allow employees to change up their work environments from time to time, the new arrangements can result in a renewed energy and outlook that can be very positive.
cleaning businessman
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Spring represents a great opportunity to assess all aspects of your business. Here are a few ways to make the most of spring cleaning your small business.
Virtual assistants can save you hours of work a day -- but only if you make the most of your time with them, using training systems that make delegation a breeze.

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