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Innovation means finding ways to improve your products and processes -- nurturing innovation can give your company a killer competitive advantage.

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Filed In: Innovation and Operations
Innovative San Francisco startup Lyft is disrupting the taxi industry, and putting its whimsical trademark pink mustaches on cars in more and more cities.
Filed In: Sales and Sales & Marketing
Startups often face unique challenges as part of the sales process. Before you pick up the phone and start making sales calls, spend some time figuring out how to address the following concerns.
Facebook's Connectivity Lab plans to take the Internet to the Third World, launching an ambitious and truly global connectivity project.
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
Many established, family-owned businesses are adjusting their business model to meet the needs of today's consumers. Learn how any business can do the same.
doing homework online
Filed In: Education and Industries
U.S. teenagers are now 31st in math. Alexei Beltyukov and Solvy are creating a way to help math students, teachers, and administrators with innovative technological solutions.
Filed In: Technology
Energy expert Prashant Modi discusses emerging green energy technology that will drive small business, from a rechargeable battery made out of rhubarb to a device that can efficiently charge your cell phone.
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
With the intuitively designed business intelligence solutions on the market today, businesses can enjoy the benefits of these digital tools and impactful practices without the high cost assumed to accompany them.
video game king
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
Hiroshi Yamauchi transformed Nintendo from a small business to a global icon, and his recent passing leaves an incredible creative legacy.
Filed In: Cloud Computing and Technology
As the National Security Administration knows, information about a call is as important as the call itself. If the government can use telephony metadata to analyze calls, why can't your business?
Filed In: Going Green and Operations
The beverage giant introduce some environmental initiatives to help reduce the impact of plastic on the planet, including its new product Coca-Cola Life.
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
3D printing has attracted a lot of interest recently as the technology becomes cheaper and more available. Here are five ways 3D printing could create opportunities for businesses now and in the future.
Filed In: Logistics and Operations
If you're running a small business on your own, you don't have a lot of time to waste. Learn how to make your business as efficient as possible.
Filed In: Going Global and Operations
In a lot of ways, the information technology revolution hasn't really begun for many smaller companies as it has for larger ones. But a good multi-disciplinary consultant can help you identify opportunities you...
Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council share their favorite Web-based tools for collecting and organizing valuable information about their own customers. Get their insider secrets!
WOW your audience with these seven exciting alternatives to boring, old PowerPoint.
Filed In: Technology
Here are three creative strategies CIOs can use to rethink, restructure, and redefine their IT departments and the role they play in the larger business.
By Tim Devaney and Tom Stein |  Filed In: Innovation and Operations
New plug-and-pay smartphone card readers make it easier (and cheaper) for merchants to accept credit cards.
John Arenmeyer
To spur business growth and encourage financial success in 2012, lawmakers must work together on policies that will help small businesses create jobs.
Blog Post
By  | Filed In: Innovation and Operations
Being a small business owner doesn't always have a happy ending. I wish it did.
Blog Post
AB Guest Blogger
When I look for advice and information on how to drive change, I turn to the smartest and most reliable people I know: My friends.
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financial innovation

payment system advances altering or modifying the role of banks, and financial institutions in general, as intermediaries between suppliers and users of funds. Technological innovations, such as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments, replace checks with electronic debits and credits. Risk transferring innovations, such as adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), transfer credit risk from one party to another. Credit generating innovations, for example, home equity creditlines, give borrowers new ways to use financial assets, increasing the supply of available credit. Equity generating innovations, such as trust preffered stock, give banks a less costly way to raise equity capital than issuing new shares of common stock.

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