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Innovation means finding ways to improve your products and processes -- nurturing innovation can give your company a killer competitive advantage.

Today's Must Read
Arie Shpanya, the CEO of Tech Disrupter Wiser gives us an inside look at how dynamic pricing works for businesses.
Filed In: Education and Industries
Successful entrepreneur Devin Schain is taking a fresh approach to improving the U.S. education system through innovation and private-public partnerships.
Filed In: Staffing & HR
A curious employee is an engaged employee who is more likely to embrace change, challenge the status quo, and forge new learning opportunities.
gender gap
White men continue to make up the overwhelming majority of the tech workforce; these five organizations are on a mission to bridge the gender gap in tech.
We asked six entrepreneurs what unusual bit of information you can add to make your business card stand out and attract more customers.
Today's tech entrepreneurs want to take pot somewhere it's never been, and they have the skills and resources to do just that.
Filed In: Mobility and Technology
More ways to accept payments from customers is a good thing, right? With more and more companies entering the mobile payment game, you've got more options to choose from than ever before.
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
The face of manufacturing is fundamentally changing in America. TJ McCue shares stories as he travels across the country taking the pulse of 3D printing.
Filed In: Sales & Marketing
As 3D printing becomes more viable and affordable, big companies are starting to employ the technology in their marketing campaigns. Are small businesses soon to follow?
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
Alex Morris reports on two Google projects: one to bring the Internet to the developing world, the other a technology NASA hopes to put to use ISIS robots.
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
Once prohibitively expensive, today 3D printing is becoming cheaper and more accessible. TJ McCue highlights 4 companies that are emerging as major players.
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
Google's annual conference for developers has just wrapped up in San Francisco. Alex Morris discusses some of the exciting technologies and initiatives presented at this year's event.
Melanie Haselmayr highlights 10 digital tools that can make the life of real estate agents and brokers that much easier.
Trending Concept
Technology is moving faster than light speed, it seems. Every time you look up, there's some amazing new gadget or app that makes your life better.
The Environment Protection Agency ranked indoor air pollution among the top environmental dangers. Some companies are working to find a solution through air purification technology.
Filed In: Sales & Marketing
Blogger Noah Kagan decided to figure out variables that contribute to user engagement when someone reads a blog post, and he developed a formula for successful content creation.
April 2014 was another busy month for Mark Zuckerberg and company. Alex Morris has a roundup of the latest company news from the social media giant.
Filed In: Technology
Seven out of the ten fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa. With little infrastructure in place, some companies are looking to mobile for increased Internet access.
cloud computing concept
Filed In: Cloud Computing and Technology
Small and medium-sized businesses that take advantage of the cloud see reduced costs and increased efficiency in management, provisioning, security, and scalability.
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
Innovative San Francisco startup Lyft is disrupting the taxi industry, and putting its whimsical trademark pink mustaches on cars in more and more cities.

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financial innovation

payment system advances altering or modifying the role of banks, and financial institutions in general, as intermediaries between suppliers and users of funds. Technological innovations, such as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments, replace checks with electronic debits and credits. Risk transferring innovations, such as adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), transfer credit risk from one party to another. Credit generating innovations, for example, home equity creditlines, give borrowers new ways to use financial assets, increasing the supply of available credit. Equity generating innovations, such as trust preffered stock, give banks a less costly way to raise equity capital than issuing new shares of common stock.

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