Objections/rebuttals:Anything to overcome an objection

An objection is merely a buying sign to the smart sales associate. It is simply a way of telling you that you have not addressed the real problem. Keep in mind that every situation is different but
I feel that most of the examples given are applicable. Here are some examples of some common objections:

I am not accepting any proposals this year.

I am not the person making the final decision on this matter.

I am not interested.

I already have a broker or someone handling that matter.

I am not looking to change services any time soon.

Here are some common objections heard by most telemarketers as well sales people. You will find that many objections and rebuttals apply to most industries.

This is ________calling for____________(your firm) we specialize in pro

viding.________(type of business) services for the _________industry.


We spoke with you earlier this year regarding our services. I believe we also sent some info to you and I wanted to be sure that you received it. At that time you asked us to check back with you because you thought you may be taking quotes. (Note :Be very careful with these statements because they are based on semantics. For example, the tm may have spoken with the prospect and may have sent info,
however the prospect may not remember receiving it. Most people only retain about 20% of what they hear over the phone and generally will not remember whether they spoke with you or not
months from now. Chances are, at some point you will send info or speak with the prospect, but this technique accomplishes a few things. First, it may save you the trouble of actually sending info to a prospect who merely wants to get rid of you,(saves you time and money).Secondly, it forces the prospect to stop and think about what their needs are and how you can help. And, it allows you to determine the level of interest of the prospect. If the prospect has stated that they received info from you and you
know for a fact that it hasn’t been sent yet, chances are they are not going to set an appointment or give you a chance at a sale. (However, this technique does work and should be used sparingly).

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