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Bargain Motivator #4: Telecommuting

Studies show that telecommuting saves money for business and workers -- and boosts productivity at the same time. (Cisco, for one, saves an estimated $277 million annually by allowing employees to telecommute.)

But telecommuting also makes for happier (and, hopefully, more loyal and motivated) employees, who save on rising gas prices and appreciate more personal time.

Over at crowdSPRING, a Chicago-based online marketplace for crowdsourcing creative services, telecommuting is a huge motivator. "We allow everyone on our team to telecommute whenever they want," says co-founder Ross Kimbarovsky, who believes the traditional 40-hour workweek to be archaic and inefficient. "By letting our employees decide when and how often they telecommute, we send a strong message to them that we trust them. We're a results-driven team, and our flexibility allows our team to be highly efficient and productive. This flexibility -- and trust -- builds tremendous team chemistry, mutual respect, and loyalty."



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