Learn From A Retail Concept That Is 100% Perfect

While tooling around Cambria, CA a couple weeks ago, I came across this little gem of a store called Sweet Offerings.  When I walked inside, I was blown away by the store experience.  From the d?cor itself to the products, from fixtures to feature tables, this little store packed a visual punch.  You couldn’t help but want to buy something.

Owner Benita Offerman started the store out of her love for confections and built the concept from the ground up, catering to the ongoing influx of tourists who visit this little seaside town near the Central Coast wine region in California.

This store nails every aspect of retail.  Read on and learn.

Here are a few things you can learn from Offerman and her concept:

Feature Table:  This table does Willy Wonka proud.  You want to shop it.  You want to take it all in.  It’s front and center the minute you walk in.  If you’re walking by, the table serves as a focal point to draw you in (which is exactly what a feature table is supposed to do)

Store layout and discovery:  I often talk about discovery and the importance of discovery — this is exactly what I mean.  You want to check out every inch of the store – it’s the bright colors set against the black fixtures which really make them pop.  But it’s more than that.  The shape of the canisters holding all those sweet confections beckons you to check out each and every one.  And a myriad of fixture styles and shapes makes every part of the store unique.

D?cor:  From the chandeliers and awnings to the fixtures and striped wallpaper, the store offers an amazing feeling.  It has a soul and a personality, and you feel it the minute you walk in the door.

Merchandise:  Offerman sources confections from all over the world.  She looks for things she personally likes, but she also looks for things that have personality.  Interesting packaging and interesting flavors are just two of the things she looks for.  She also tries to find confections that aren’t readily available throughout the U.S.  As a result, customers buy more because the offerings are so unique (try the mint malted milk balls – amazing).

Information:  Beyond the signs that call out different flavors of malted milk balls and confections in the cases, Offerman doesn’t offer written information. Instead, she chooses to interact with her clients, talking about the products versus having her customers read the information on a sign.  It’s the best way to convey information and it also serves to build a relationship that ensures every customer has a great experience, spreads the word, and returns to the store every time they come back to Cambria.

I have to say that this store just nails it.  Rarely do I see a store come together and do everything right.  Bravo Benita!