Know Your Worth

Throughout our lives, each of us is going to have to interview for that big job we really want.

Most of us will do this several times throughout our lives. The days of gold watches after 50 years of dedicated service are over. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average U.S. worker changes careers 3-5 times during their lifetime. These figures do not include job changes within a given field.

One of the guaranteed questions to trip up job seekers is the one regarding salary requirements. How much is standard for your position? How much can you ask without seeming arrogant or losing your advantage? How can you negotiate effectively without showing your hand?

Once again, LifeHacker comes through with answers. Their first suggestion is to use a salary search site, which “seem to have cropped up faster than social networks.” The objective of all, however, is the same: to tell you what people with similar skill sets earn in their positions.

The run-down of the sites they mention is:

LifeHacker also links to their discussion pages where readers astutely debate the pros and cons of sharing too much versus shutting up.

As with all interactions and negotiations, you will communicate most effectively (for yourself and for others) if you go in prepared. If you’ve got a big interview coming up, I’ve got you covered.