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Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance is just one key to small business risk management. From legal compliance to disaster planning, learn to craft a comprehensive risk-management plan.

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Many people shy away from planning for their deaths. Life insurance is the best way to handle the expenses surrounding death and the financial needs of those you leave behind.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Exporting success requires a strategy. But with some careful planning, your business can enter the global market.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Every business owner hopes a disaster will not happen in their area, but sometimes the worst does happen. Here's how to prepare your company beforehand for such a catastrophe.
drinking on the job
Filed In: Staffing & HR
Like an episode of "Mad Men," drinking alcohol in the workplace seem more acceptable these days. Kelly Walsh investigates this trend and warns of the huge risks involved with perks like "Happy Hour...
Life insurance policy
Shopping for life insurance for the first time can be an overwhelming and confusing process. Here are a few need-to-know basics to get started.
work fraud concept
Fraud in business happens all the time, and small businesses are not immune. It can happen to you! Dr. Richard Weinberger explains the danger signs to watch out for.
Filed In: Operations
Is your business dumb, fat, and happy? If so, you probably don't know it -- which makes you a sitting duck for hungry competitors.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Going global can provide exponential growth for your business. Here are 4 key challenges facing companies looking to establish operations in foreign countries -- and how to overcome them.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Are you safeguarding your business's cash flow by implementing effective business control systems? Here are six controls you must implement in your small business to protect yourself from employee theft.
Filed In: Security and Technology
As employers, most of us trust our employees. However, as much as we wish it wasn't the case, employee theft is a fairly common occurrence.
Whether you're an individual or a small business, policy review needs to be a regular financial practice - you don't ever want to come up underinsured or pay for more than you need.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
Despite recent growth in the middle market, many if not most medium-sized companies will stagnate or go out of business. Business expert Michael Evans offers a 5-step approach to move past this stagnation.
Even if you're starting the smallest of businesses and operating out of your home, you'll have to make sure you're covered by the right insurance. Read an overview of some types of insurance.
Many people overlook their small local insurance agents in favor of the mega national brands. Read more to find out why you should think twice before doing so.
business disaster
How prepared are you in the event a disaster should hit your small business? Learn how to safeguard your business survival by developing a disaster preparedness plan.
Paula Deen
The recent fall of Paula Deen's empire has been a great lesson in crisis communications. Why did things go so wrong and what could she have done differently?
Risk management is often the overlooked part of strategy, particularly for smaller companies who focus on growth but do not consider the effect of "worse case" scenarios such as the loss of their...
Learn about some common issues that, if discovered in a thorough due diligence effort at the time of sale, could put the entire deal in jeopardy.
Small business expert Denise O'Berry explains three things you must do so you're not caught off guard when things start heading south in your business.
Rebbecca Mazin
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My promise: This year ,I will only pick up my phone in the car after I have pulled over to the side of the road.
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