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Women In Business

Information and insight on how to deal with the unique issues facing women-owned and minority-owned businesses.

Today's Must Read
Filed In: Innovation and Operations
Wearables haven't had an easy road to adoption. The tech industry has a gender bias which conflicts with studies showing women are first adopters of new technology.
successful businesswoman
Do female workers in the United States today still face the level of discrimination they once did in the workplace? Maura Schreier-Fleming shares her opinion on the issue.
girl playing with toy doll
American Girl recently introduced their "girl of the year" doll recently on Good Morning America. Learn why Deborah Sweeney is not a fan of "Entrepreneur Barbie".
Sad woman
In contemplating your next career move, consider whether it will reflect your deepest values and give you the emotional nourishment you so desperately need.
Eager to dip her toe into entrepreneurship while keeping her day job, Cynthia Chan decided to become an independent consultant for Arbonne International.
Filed In: Legal and Finance
The controversial Hobby Lobby ruling has opened up a Pandora's Box of legal, social, and HR questions that lawyers and businesses will be grappling with in the coming years.
Young woman meditating in office
Filed In: Your Career and Staffing & HR
Microsoft head Satya Nadella recently told a conference of women in tech that they should not ask for a raise. Instead, they should trust in "faith" and "karma."
Human resources and customer care
Shannon McFayden, once named one of the "25 Most Powerful Women in Banking," shares her best advice for HR professionals and for all women in business.
cartoon woman with U.S. flag
We profile three women immigrant entrepreneurs who found success in the United States despite the challenges they faced.
gender gap
White men continue to make up the overwhelming majority of the tech workforce; these five organizations are on a mission to bridge the gender gap in tech.
Are you trying to be supermom but still feel guilty you can't do everything? Kelly Walsh shares tips on how working moms can conquer such negative feelings.
In business, many women shy away from negotiation opportunities. Here are tips to consider when negotiating a change in job status or project opportunity.
Filed In: Staffing & HR
You get to decide what having it all means. Give yourself permission to define your own having it all and live it. Don't worry about what anyone else says.
Does Entrepreneur Barbie bring any substance to the table in showing kids what it means to be an entrepreneur?
A good entrepreneur, just like a good mother, won't be afraid of change. She'll embrace the mess and the chaos and know the key is to just keep moving forward.
Susan Aflak
Learn what inspired entrepreneur Susan Aflak to take the wheel and launch her own business venture, a rolling "nail truck" in a pink Airstream trailer.
When looking for ways to make our businesses more successful, what better place to turn for inspiration than to our own mothers?
Once self-confidence goes out the window, it can be a slippery slope for women entrepreneurs. Deborah Sweeney offers fellow female business owners tips on how to keep cool and stay strong.
office politics postcard
In a survey of women, most give "office politics" as their top challenge in the workplace. A recent report suggests women lean into the issue to come out ahead.
Broken paper heart
Filed In: Your Career and Staffing & HR
Mindy Thomas shares her personal insight and offers advice on how to help your relationships survive the strain of running a business.

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