How Millennial Are You?

I’m a little bit millennial, actually more than I thought. I had fun taking the Pew Research Center Quiz, “How Millennial Are You?” No, I don’t have a tattoo, and yes I read a newspaper. But at least I have created a social network page or two, send text messages, and have both a land line and cell phone.

51: A Pretty Good Score

The calendar may land me towards the end of the baby boom generation, but my quiz score of 51 places me higher than the boomer average of 11 and well past the younger Gen Xers who seem to score closer to 32. The Pew researchers say the higher the score the more you have in common with the Millennials. They scored an average of 73 points. 

Employment and Goals

No surprise that Pew Research identifies Millennials as facing high unemployment, they arrived in the workforce in recessionary times. The tough starts are likely to lead to a longer term required to catch up, affecting career growth and earnings for up to 15 years. In my own work history I was able to go straight from college to a job and begin a trip up the career ladder. So I can’t share this experience, but I do know what it’s like to seek assignments as a consultant when budgets are very tight.

I like the Pew definition of this generation as confident, connected, and open to change. I share the confidence factor and have always sought change. From working for a start up to leaping to self-employment, long term security has never been a driving factor for me. I’m not disturbed by employees who don’t prioritize company loyalty above personal life. Work life should not, however, include consulting mom and dad for every career decision.

The level of connection Pew Research describes does not relate to deep personal relationships but rather use of technology to keep in touch, at all times, with a wide circle. Here’s a point where recent grads and I diverge. My circle of connection is pretty wide professionally, I think. But 275 connections on LinkedIn, even with a nice list of groups, is small potatoes next to a super networker or true Facebook aficionado.


This mini-mine of data confirms my belief that while there are common characteristics among generations there are also plenty of individuals who don’t match up to stereotypes. We have plenty to teach Millennials and a lot to learn from them. Knowledge will grow along with the connections.

Looks like I need to work on bumping up the number of people who follow me on Twitter! Take the quiz and tweet me with your score @thehranswer.