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Business Definition for: production

In general: process of physically preparing advertising in its completed form. Production entails the specification of typography, procuring paper for print jobs, securing printing, type, and engraving estimates from suppliers, and ordering printing plates and engravings. In addition, production involves checking a publication's mechanical requirements and closing dates and communicating this information to the agency to assure that scheduling deadlines are met and a quality advertisement is produced.

  1. preparation of television or radio program, motion picture, or play for its showing. Production involves determining the show's format, staffing, supervising script editing and rehearsing, coordinating camera men, securing a proper studio, and assuring that the entire program runs smoothly. See also producer .
  2. dramatic entertainment that has been created and produced for an audience. For example, students may attend a production of a famous classic.

Manufacturing: process of physically creating an offering for a target market . For example, the production of widgets may be produced for target market XYZ.


formal activity that adds value to goods and services, including creation, transport, and warehousing until used. Production is an organized process with specific goals.

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