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Business Definition for: incoming mail
incoming mail

  1. mail being received by the addressee. For direct-mail marketers, the efficient processing of incoming mail is a priority, ensuring that orders are filled and money is deposited quickly. Processing can be faster if the mail is sorted by the type of processing necessary. Many large-volume incoming-mail operations pay (at $300 per year per box) for the use of several P.O. box numbers (referred to as phantom P.O. boxes) printed on various reply envelopes, depending on the type of media expected to be returned. For example, three different P.O. boxes could be used for orders, payments, and renewals. The U.S. Postal Service will sort the mail by P.O. box number before sending it on to the addressee. See also mailroom .
  2. mail received by a U.S. Postal Service sectional center facility (SCF) or city facility for delivery within that SCF or city.

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