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Business Definition for: five-digit ZIP code
five-digit ZIP code

ZIP (Zoning Improvement Plan) code instituted by the U.S. Postal Service to facilitate mail handling and delivery. The first digit represents one of ten areas of the country (0 = New England, 9 = West Coast). The first three digits together represent a sectional center facility or main post office. The last two digits further define the destination point in terms of a post office or delivery center area within a large city or in terms of a small city or town whose residents share the same ZIP code. Some large buildings or organizations that receive high mail volumes have their own five-digit ZIP code(s). Users of bulk mail are required by the Postal Service to sort their mailings by five-digit ZIP code. Mailers also use the ZIP code to sequence and segment lists by the demographics characteristics of the residents of each ZIP code area and to identify the best ZIP code areas to send future promotions.

See also five-digit qualified , nine-digit ZIP code (ZIP+4) , ZIP select , national ZIP code area
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