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Business Definition for: commingle

send two pieces of mail of different classes through the postal system together. Commingled mail might be subscriber and nonsubscriber copies of a periodical or machinable and irregular parcels. If the mailer wants both pieces to receive the same level of service, postage is charged on both pieces at the rate of the higher of the two classes. A comingled mailing can also be charged at each class rate as if the mail pieces were mailed separately and receive the service level of the lower class. However, invoices must be mailed at First-Class rates regardless of the class of the partner mailing piece and the level of service desired by the mailer. U.S. Postal Service approval may be required before commingling. For example, an invoice might be enclosed with a magazine in a poly bag . The magazine will mail at Periodicals class rates, but the invoice will mail at First-Class rates. A renewal notice, which normally mails Standard Mail (A), may be attached with adhesive to the cover of a magazine and mailed at Periodicals class rates along with the magazine. In both cases, service will be at a level equal to the lowest class.


to mingle or mix, such as the deposit of another's money in a broker's personal account.

Example: State law prohibits the commingling of earnest money deposits with a broker's own money. Most states require a separate account for earnest money held by a broker .

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