Get The Tax Breaks that are Coming to You: Child Tax Credit and Vehicle Sales Tax Deduction

There are a number of new tax breaks this year, thanks to the economic stimulus package passed earlier in 2009. Before you file your tax return, it is a good idea to consider your situation in 2009, and what might have happened then. Even if you think that you can’t pay your taxes, or if you think that your lost job means that you don’t have any reason to file a tax return, the truth is that there are some advantages you might not be aware of.

I recently spoke with Amy McAnarney, the Executive Director/VP of The Tax Institute at H&R Block. She shared some new information on getting tax credit for your children, as well as how to take the sales tax deduction on a new car purchase. She also addresses the fact that there are more than 300 changes to tax law this year, and if you have had a life changing event, you might want to consider what you qualify for: