Free Tools to Help Your Business Get Through Tough Times

Who doesn’t like free? And in tough economic times, free is even better. Intuit — the makers of QuickBooks and other small business tools — recently offered up this list of free tools to help your small business.

Get Customers 

Intuit WebListings ( is a free online tool that gets your business listed on local search sites so customers can find you even if you don’t’ have a website.


Get Online

Homestead ( offers easy website design tools and services, including 2,000 design templates, to help you create a website and sell online. Homestead’s tools and services are free for the first 30 days and inexpensive after the trial period.

Manage Your Finances

QuickBooks Simple Start ( is free, easy-to-use accounting software to better manage your business finances. It helps you stay organized, look professional and be ready for tax time.


Get Paid

Billing Manager ( is a free online invoicing tool that helps you get paid. It lets you get and stay organized, see all overdue invoices or who owes you the most, and create and send professional-looking online invoices. 


GetAdditional Expert Advice is a free small business resource site where new and established business owners can get the best answers to their most pressing questions. They can also join an online community of like-minded entrepreneurs.


Talk Via Your Computer

Skype ( allows you to make calls from your computer — free to other people on Skype and cheap to landlines and cell phones around the world.


Keep Documents Organized

Google Desktop ( allows you to find any file on your computer with a basic and advanced search function. It also can embed in your Outlook email client so you can sift through all of your emails.

Organize your search

Mozilla Firefox ( is a free and fast web browser that features tabbed browsing so that you can view multiple web pages quickly and easily.

What other free tools do you know about that can help other small business owners? Please leave a comment.