Free Small Business Tax Advice from Uncle Sam

Tax season is upon us and it doesn’t get any easier for the small business owner.

In fact, tax preparation is one of the hardest parts about being your own boss. Aside from swallowing the bitter pill of confronting how much social security and self employment tax you may owe, small business owners also need to stay on the pulse of tax law changes,comply with their tax obligations as employers, understand the maze of deductible expenses, and navigate a sea of forms, among other obligations.

The good news is that, more than ever, the government is reaching out to small businesses to help address their tax questions and provide free tax advice.

From online advice to in-person and Web-based training, there are some very specific resources from Uncle Sam to help small business owners understand their tax obligations.

Small Business Tax Training & Advice

The IRS offers online and in-person training and workshops to helps small business owners understand their tax obligations. It provides everything you need to know about Schedule C, and more.

Of particular use during tax season are the small business workshops that are currently being held throughout the country. These sessions are presented by IRS partners who are Federal Tax specialists and are a great opportunity to get free advice from the pros.

Not all the topics are tax related, so check the links to your state to see what workshops are in a town near you.

Online Tax Help Resources

Another essential resource is the Small Business 2009 Tax Center from This one-stop shop online portal helps small business owners stay abreast of tax requirements, tax changes and a whole range of tax tips for 2009. The advantage of the site is that it spares busy entrepreneurs the task of wading through a variety of government Web sites, documentation and endless Web searches to find tax information that is relevant to their business.

The portal also offers easy-to-read small business guides that will set you on your way to becoming a tax savvy business owner. Topics include advice on managing your taxes, filing and paying your taxes, employment taxes, and information about tax law changes.

Live Web Chat Sessions

Once a month the Small Business Administration (SBA) holds live web chat sessions on a variety of topics. A recent session featured free tax advice for small business owners who submitted questions to an independent tax expert; you can view the transcript here. Look out for upcoming topics and view recent chats here.

Tax Information for Specific Industries

From automotive sales to restaurants, fishermen to entertainers, the IRS has published guides for businesses that have special tax considerations.  Read more here

Other Resources

Here is a selection of recent blog posts on a variety of small business tax topics: