Five Attributes Of A Memorable Customer Service Experience

 On the second weekend in December my wife and I  farmed the kids out to their grandparents and spent a getaway weekend on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. Our first stop was to check in at the Holiday Inn Riverwalk on St. Mary’s Street. Both the parking valet and the front desk staff were friendly and efficient. Eligible for free upgrades, I asked, and the clerk promptly smiled, checked, and upgraded us to a two-room suite. (Suh-weeeeeeeet!)

But wait, the refrigerator door wouldn’t open. One call to the front desk and the man from Engineering diagnosed the problem and quickly replaced the refrigerator with a different one.Elapsed time–about ten minutes from the phone call to putting our drinks in the new fridge.

For dinner we walked down the Riverwalk and stopped in at Paesano’s. Known for their Mediterranean and Italian food, service was friendly, prompt (despite the crowd) and the food and wine was excellent.

The next day we drove up to a retail area and laid waste to numerous stores. At the Best Buy near Loop 1604 and Hwy 281, we stopped in to look for a flat screen TV. One of the blue shirts, Justin, approached us and spent more than 20 minutes discussing our preferences and demonstrating different models. When we walked in, we were undecided about whether to buy plasma or LCD; when we left we knew exactly what we wanted. It is a Samsung with a 120hz refresh rate. One week later we bought it on sale at Best Buy.

That evening we went back to the Riverwalk for dinner. We ate at the famous Little Rhein Steakhouse in La Villita on the Riverwalk. Service was prompt, friendly, efficient, and the food, bourbon, and Tanqueray and Tonic were excellent.

We experience superlative customer service on numerous occasions. The five common attributes that appeared over and over were:

  1. Friendliness of the staff

  2. Efficiency of the service

  3. Promptness in approaching us and waiting on us

  4. Knowledgeable about the product or the service

  5. High quality of product or hospitality offered

Can you say the same about the level of service and the quality of products you offer to the public?

Happy Holidays!