Financial Book Review: Money & Marriage

One of the biggest challenges in marriage is sorting out the money differences. My husband and I work fairly well together with our finances in many instances, but we still have run-ins on occasion. If you are looking for some helpful information on how to manage your money as part of your marriage, Matt Bell, from, offers heartfelt and practical advice in his new book, Money & Marriage: A Complete Guide for Engaged and Newly Married Couples.

Bell starts out by taking you through the importance of being honest about your finances. And he also looks at how your financial decisions are based on outside influences, as well as inside influences. Your money habits are shaped by a number of things: family, culture, temperament and more. Before you can get started, you need to understand your own relationship with money — and work to understand your partner’s relationship.

After you get to know each other’s financial DNA, Bell offers an action plan for financial success. It’s a great guide, full of practical information about work, charity, saving, debt, credit, insurance, housing and other expenses. The idea is to encourage you to create a plan to help you meet your financial goals as a couple. Bell provides suggestions that nearly anyone can follow to start right now.

Finally, Money & Marriage tackles the issue of financial oneness. It can be difficult to practice oneness in many areas of your marriage, and money can cause real issues. Bell looks at ways you can come together, and offers great ideas for getting organized and learning to enrich your marriage. Tips on sharing information, and raising issues, in a way that promotes love and understanding are addressed. Pitfalls, including contempt for your partner, are also addressed. If you want to have a good marriage, you need to work at it.

I really liked how this book was practical and offered doable suggestions that couples can actually use. Realize that Bell comes from a strongly religious background; this book comes with a focus on a faith foundation rooted in Christianity. For Christian couples, Money & Marriage can be especially inspiring, since it also provides hints on strengthening your relationship with God as part of improving your relationships with each other and with money. If you aren’t religious, the book still has plenty of sound ideas and practical advice.