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Accounting & Budgeting

Small business accounting, budget, financial planning, and cash-flow management insights, plus tips for working with your accountant.

Today's Must Read
Xero and QuickBooks are in an epic battle for your small business accounting. We get down & dirty talking about what makes each one a great app opportunity.
Filed In: Business Planning and Finance
So you want to expand your department, develop a product or launch a campaign? Here are five steps to getting your business case approved before you even write it.
Filed In: Personal Finance and Finance
Entrepreneurs and small business owners usually have a better understanding of personal finances than most, but can still lose their way financially.
Learn how to evaluate online payroll and traditional payroll software for your business.
accepting payment
Filed In: Finance
Jaimie Yun shares five things you must know about accepting customer payments before you start a business.
writing a cheque
Is your small business still relying on writing checks to pay bills? If so, you could be making a costly mistake.
Credit card payment machine
Filed In: Finance
Credit card processing shouldn't be one size fits all. Here are 6 mistakes the credit card processing system makes with small businesses.
A popular method for letting customers know about open invoices is to email them payment reminders. But how do you ensure that your payment reminder letters make it into the right hands?
The quest to find reliable, professional, and trustworthy bookkeeping service can be a challenge for any business owner. Learn the important questions to ask when looking for a bookkeeper.
work fraud concept
Fraud in business happens all the time, and small businesses are not immune. It can happen to you! Dr. Richard Weinberger explains the danger signs to watch out for.
businessman writing
Filed In: Taxes and Finance
Keep more of your hard-earned money! Learn tips to avoid common small business tax filing mistakes that can trigger an IRS audit.
Cloud services
Putting your business online is no longer about having a website. Today it's about automation and access, and accounting should be the first step to moving core business functions online.
Filed In: Finance
Smart Payment Plan CEO David Engelman discusses the best ways to work through debt.
Accountant working with receipts
Business and personal accounting are very different. If you've just started your company, Deborah Sweeney has advice on how to get the most out of your accountant.
Successful Businesswoman concept
Filed In: Finance
Being your own boss is both liberating and exciting, but running your own business comes with serious responsibilities. Here's how to manage your finances so your business stays strong.
walking a tight rope
Filed In: Finance
Are you making financial mistakes that could hurt your small business? Learn the three most common financial errors entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them.
online marketing
Filed In: Sales & Marketing
Are returns on your Yellow Pages ad diminishing? Ready to use online marketing for your business but don't know where to start? Here's how to make the move.
businessman working on laptop
Online library research guides can be extremely useful to small business owners. Here's how you can put this unexpected resource to work for you!
Mobile Device
Filed In: Technology
Is your company's AP Invoice Process costly and outdated? Here are 5 top advantages of automating your invoice processing that will have you wishing your company made the switch sooner!
Filed In: Cloud Computing and Technology
Years ago, the desktop computer changed the way accounting was done. Today, the accounting process is again undergoing a positive shift thanks to the emergence of the cloud.

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